Fairfield, How I’ve Missed You

A hometown boy who got his start here as a journalist returns to once again cover the community happenings in Fairfield. And he hopes you’re as excited about that as him!

Patch Regional Editor Gary Jeanfaivre with his wife and two children.
Patch Regional Editor Gary Jeanfaivre with his wife and two children.

First, let’s get something clear right off the bat: I promise to never again refer to myself in the third-person when writing here on Patch.

What I will guarantee you is that I will dedicate myself to delivering the highest quality local journalism — the kind of insightful, objective, timely and relevant news that you deserve. As a journalist who got his start as a reporter at the Fairfield Citizen and who was editor of that newspaper before joining Patch in 2010, I’d like to think some of you may have come to expect that from me.

To those who do not know me or my work, I look forward to earning your trust and respect through the content I post on Fairfield Patch. It’s my hope that we’ll have some fun along the way, too!

While much has changed in this town that I grew up in, many things remain the same. There are still some familiar faces in Town Hall, the same local business owners who care so deeply about their customers, and dedicated volunteers giving of their time to causes they are passionate about, among so many others. There are new faces and places, too, and I look forward to seeing them all.

There are new faces in my family, as well. My wife and I — both Fairfield natives — have two children, Emmett, 2, and Isabelle, 2.5 months. After spending most of our lives here in town, we moved to Sandy Hook in July.

One of the things my wife and I miss most about Fairfield is the food scene. Don’t tell her but I’m looking forward to visiting some of our favorites while reporting in town — and trying some of the new places that have popped up recently.

Fairfield is such a dynamic town. There’s always something going on — always a story worth telling. 

And while I’ll do my best to tell them all, there’s only so much one person can do. But that doesn’t mean some stories should never see the light of day, and, to me, that’s always been one of the most exciting things about Patch: we provide a space for you to share your stories … whatever they may be … directly with your friends, family and neighbors. 

The best place to do that is on the community bulletin board, or, if you’re really motivated (and I know some of you are), start a blog and let ‘er rip.

I truly believe the best stories often come from our readers, so please get in touch with your ideas and feedback. It matters to me. Email is best: gary.jeanfaivre@patch.com.

Thanks for reading. I'll see you around town!


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