Vigil Reflects on Tragedy and Hope

More than 100 people gathered at Linscott Park Saturday in the wake of Newtown.

A crowd lit candles as the last of Saturday's light seeped into the horizon.

The children, women and men paused in three moments of silence at the Linscott Park vigil.

The first silence contemplated compassion, thinking of the grieving families of 26 children and women killed Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

The second silence contemplated gratefulness, a list of things for which each person was thankful for this day.

And the third silence contemplated a new direction, ways for each person to bring peace to their lives and the world.

Pastor Jim Trick of Marblehead led the vigil in the silences.

Among the crowd were many parents and children, their faces reflecting the color from wavering candlelight.

School Committee Chairman Larry Beaupre was there as a parent.

He, like others, at the vigil and elsewhere, found the killing unfathomable.

"The idea of 20 innocent children losing their lives ...." he said.

Vigil organizers Cynthia Hellmann and Susan Ellsworth were glad so many people had come together.

Cynthia said that when something so terrible happens many people need to experience their response to it, their thoughts about it, in the presence of others.


Kathy Lique December 16, 2012 at 02:54 PM
It was wonderful that this happened. Thanks to those who created it. We all need to be part of finding a way to overcome these terrible events in our country.


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