Roses: The Meanings of Color

6 different colored roses and the meanings behind the color.

Red Long Stem Roses and Godiva Chocolates
Red Long Stem Roses and Godiva Chocolates

Roses are the most romantic of all flowers.They have been celebrated for centuries in verse and song. They traditionally symbolise love. However, the color of a rose can mean different types of love. Sending Rose's is a thoughtful and meaningful gift.


1. A red rose

A deep red rose represents passion. It symbolises a sensual love. It illustrates a passion that sweeps the senses and overwhelms rational thought. It is a physical love, one which cannot be resisted. Sending a partner a red rose is an invitation to close the bedroom door for a weekend to indulge in sensual delights.

2. A yellow rose

Yellow represents joy and happiness. Yellow roses are happy flowers. They celebrate friendship and joyous times. Yellow roses can brighten the day for somebody who is ill or depressed. They light up a room with sunshine.

3. The pink rose

This is a rose for gentle love. A love that is sweet and simple, that ambles through the day in quiet satisfaction. It is a rose for a long time love, one that has endured and blossomed through the years. It is suitable for a partner or for a close relative. It is steadfast, loyal and enduring.

A pink rose is also suitable for a new love. It can be a gift that symbolises interest and the beginning of something new. Unlike the demanding red, it is a small nudge towards a deeper relationship. It would be suitable for a new romance or to suggest more intimate ties with a friend.

4. The white rose

White has long been the color of purity and virginity. A white rose symbolises both. It is often used as part of a bridal bouquet or as decoration at a wedding. A white rose represents a pure love. It is demonstrated by the courtly love of an armoured knight for his lady. It is a flower that shows respect, innocence and aspiration.

5. The lavender rose

If your heart leaps at the sight of a stranger on a train, tell them by sending a lavender rose. A lavender flower is warm and friendly, but not quite as passionate as a red. It is a lovely gift to break the ice with a stranger. It can lead to introductions and romance.

6. The orange rose

The orange rose is the flower of partnership. However, it does not convey romantic love. Orange is an energetic color that is often used for children. As a gift, an orange rose can be suitable to celebrate the beginning of a business partnership.  Alternatively it could be a gift for a child. It is a warm, nonthreatening, color that shows friendship rather than love.

The sweet smell and delicate petals of a rose makes it an ideal gift for lover or friend. A rose speaks its own language. Its color can reveal a hidden love or celebrate an enduring partnership. Pick the color of roses carefully, as those versed in the language of flowers will act on their message. Knowledge of the idiom of the flower will enhance and enrich personal relationships. As alway's consult your local florist on the best way to deliver or present your rose gift.



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