Fairfield Resident Opens Speech & Language Practice in Town

Murnick Speech & Language Associates 'is focused on providing high-quality speech therapy services to pediatrics of all ages.'

When it comes to speech and language impairments, Fairfield resident Elissa Murnick knows early intervention is the way to go.

And so the speech language pathologist decided to expand her services throughout Fairfield County and has recently launched the practice Murnick Speech & Language Associates in Fairfield.

The mission of the practice is to provide 'high-quality speech therapy services to pediatrics of all ages,' according to its website.

Murnick -- certified by the American Speech and Language Association -- began practicing as a speech pathologist in Florida, where she earned her master's degree after she completed her bachelor's degree in psychology and communications disorders at the University of Connecticut. She worked with children in a "multitude of settings," including a private practice, home visits, and in public and private schools and preschools.

She and her family relocated to Fairfield -- where Murnick was raised -- seven years ago and she has been working as a speech pathologist in Trumbull Public Schools for six and a half years.

Since she became a part of Fairfield again, parents have been asking if Murnick will see and evaluate children outside of Trumbull Public Schools -- and the answer is yes.

Murnick is available to conduct home visits during the week throughout Fairfield County and maintains Saturday hours at the practice's office -- 39 Sherman Court.  

During her career, Murnick has worked with preschool-aged children to adolescents on concerns like late talkers to students with academic difficulties caused by speech and language impairments.

Murnick has experience diagnosing and implementing therapy for the following disorders:

  • Articulation Disorders
  • Phonological Disorders
  • Expressive/Receptive Language
  • Vocabulary/ Word Retrieval
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Pragmatic Language Disorder (Social Language/Skills)
  • Narrative Language 

Parents can contact Murnick for any speech and language concerns and she'll determine through a brief meeting whether a comprehensive evaluation is warranted, should the child's communication skills not be developmentally appropriate.

If that's the case, Murnick will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to come up with a therapy plan and goals. Parents are "an integral part" of helping children achieve their goals and overcome a speech impairment or disorder.

Not one to be satisfied with working behind a desk, Murnick is glad she has been able to become part of Fairfield again in a way that can help.

"I love working with people, working with parents and families, and being part of the community," Murnick said.


Interested in learning more about Murnick Speech & Language Associates? Visit the practice's website, call Murnick at 954-873-4726, or email her at murnickspeechandlanguage@aol.com. Be sure to look out for Murnick's contributions to Patch's Local Voices section.


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