Fitness, Wellness Boutique Opens on Donnelly Walk

'she3' owner Benay Rubin looks to bring strength, health, and empowerment to Fairfield. The grand opening is Saturday, Sept. 8.

The town of Fairfield has been resonating with Benay Rubin for years, and come September, she'll officially become a part of the population's wellbeing.

Rubin, a long-time Westport resident, will celebrate the grand opening of her well-fitness boutique she3 on Sept. 8. The Donnelly Walk studio adds something that Rubin believes Fairfield was missing.

"Fairfield is filled with young, creative professionals; busy, multi-tasking parents; and on-the-go teens and college students," Rubin said. "There needs to be a place like this in the center of town -- people shouldn't have to travel outside of town to get this."


Visit the she3 Facebook page for more information, updates on classes, workshops, and the Sept. 8 grand opening.  


The "this" Rubin spoke of is a place where the facets of strength, health, and empowerment -- the components of she3 -- fall under one roof.

"My goal is to bring them an intimate, personalized and welcoming health/fitness experience that develops not only sculpted physiques but healthy bodies and strong minds,” Rubin said.

The new studio is an expansion of what Rubin's been doing from her home for the past 10 years. A holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer who studied the Lotte Berk method, Rubin ran "Benay's" from her home in Westport.

Her clients are mostly women, though she3 will offer programs for teens and college students, plus he3 classes for men.

"My philosophy is to nurture my clients, to take care of all these women -- who takes care of them?" Rubin explained.

"That's the whole reason I wanted to open the studio up -- to provide a warm environment, to bring caretaking to these amazing women."

A mother of three girls, Rubin was actually pushed by her daughters to expand her home studio, which lead her to opening she3 in Fairfield.

"They motivated the motivator," Rubin said of her "cheerleaders."

When coming up with a name for the studio, the number three -- and eventually the idea of "the third power" -- became integral. Rubin wanted to use the three most important words to describe her business -- strength, health, empowerment. She wanted to take it to the third power to show how much "depth" a woman encompasses.

Also -- very simply -- she has her three daughters, which further connected Rubin to the number.

Those interested will be able to experience all the aspects of she3 in action at the grand opening event on Sept. 8, or can participate in a trial class this week through Saturday (see the schedule here). But Rubin gave Patch a rundown of a few programs and services potential clients can expect:

  • S (strength): Daily fitness classes for all levels will be offered at the studio. Clients will work with TRX ropes, body sculpt via the barre-fit method, and strengthen the core through the teachings of Lotte Berk, yoga, and Pilates. Men can sign up for he3 fitness classes and discounts are offered from college students and teachers. There are also classes geared to teens.
  • H (health): Health coaching, clean eating and cleansing programs, one-on-one health coaching programs, and a teen clean-eating program will be offered at she3. Rubin said she and her staff will conduct "how to" tours at local farms and markets, and will offer a pre-college program for high school seniors to help them learn about keeping a balanced lifestyle and avoiding the "Freshman 15." "It's assumed we know how to be independent," Rubin said. "Clients will be one step a head of the game, they'll have less things they need to worry about."
  • E (empowerment): Outside practitioners will be brought into the studio to conduct workshops, talk about alternative methods for dealing with medical issues, maintaining lifestyle balances, and forums on holistic medicine, among other topics. Rubin said she will also conduct day retreats for clients and provide the space for discussions on relationships and issues. If she can't help them in-studio, Rubin will refer clients to outside resources, while still fostering a "community within a community."

In addition to the philosophy behind she3 -- to nurture her clients and bring this space to the residents of Fairfield -- Rubin genuinely looks forward to becoming part of the town.

"I look forward to being part of this community," she said.


The grand opening of she3, situated on Donnelly Walk (63 Unquowa Road) between Cafe Lola and Archie Moore's, will kickoff at noon on Saturday, Sept. 8. The day begins with an hour-long clean-eating seminar, followed by a barre-fit method and core workout, a discussion about junk food for teens, and wraps up with a fitness demo geared toward teens and college students.

Potential and first-time clients can sign up for complimentary fitness classes this week through Saturday (check out the schedule). Visit the  she3 Facebook page for updates and more information or contact Benay Rubin at info@she3fit.com.


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