Flu Shots: Some Fairfield Pharmacies Have, Others Don't

Vaccines stocks fall as demand grows.

For those stragglers and slow-starters that have yet to receive a flu shot: it's not too late, if you look in the right place.

This season's powerful flu strain has left more ill than usual, and cleaned out several vaccines stocks throughout the region.

The CVS at 961 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield is currently out, pharmacists told Patch Friday. They ran dry last week, and have yet to restock.

But another CVS down the road—at 1968 Black Rock—has vaccines.

"We'll be giving them until 7 p.m. tonight," employees said.

At Switzer's Pharmacy in Southport, flu shots aren't an option—but not due to growing demand.

"We've don't stock them," employees said.

The business has seen an uptick in cold medicines flying off the shelves in the past week, however.


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