Readers' Choice Winner: Old Post Tavern

We asked, you polled: Old Post Tavern is the place to get a burger in Fairfield.

Fairfield, this week we asked you to tell us -- basically -- where’s the beef. That is, you’re favorite place to grab a burger (though we know a burger doesn’t have to be made of cow to be enjoyable. This editor happens to prefer turkey burgers).

Your resounding answer? is the place to go to order a burger. The Post Road eatery snagged 55 percent of the vote in our .

The menu boasts a “Build-Your-Own” burger, starting with 10 ounces of beef and your choice of cheese and other toppings (like mushrooms, onions, and bacon) topped with a toasted bun and accompanied by a side of fries.

While there’s no doubt Old Post Tavern dominated the poll, we must highlight a few of the reviews posted for Fairfield other fine restaurants included in the “Best Burger” race.

Bobbie Herman, a fan of burgers, left this review with a 5-star rating on SBC’s directory listing:

“One of our favorites. My husband and I go there quite often. They have a varied menu, with daily specials. Their pasta dishes are excellent, and their bacon cheeseburgers are the best I've ever had. In addition, they brew their own beer. They also have a VIP card, which entitles you to a $10 discount every time you spend a total of $100. And the prices are reasonable. We've been going at least once a month for over 5 years. It's a family place, and you see many well-behaved kids there. I really shouldn't be telling you all this, or we won't be able to get a table next time.”

And had this to say -- including a five-start rating -- of :

“I am beyond delighted that Flipside offers either sirloin, turkey or veggie burger choices.....with TONS of creative toppings. I had the Fairfield Fire homemade veggie burger.....it was truly moist, delicious and unique. This place shows how to offer CHOICES...what the other burger places clearly do not.”

Congratulations to all of Fairfield’s eateries for never failing to keep us well fed.

Sree September 22, 2012 at 09:12 AM
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