Connecticut Gas Prices Rise, $4-plus a Gallon

Connecticut's prices remain well above the national average.

Connecticut gas prices kept rising above the $4 milestone this weekend, with the average price of gas hitting $4.04 a gallon, according to the tracking website GasBuddy.com. The national average is $3.86. 

According to Fairfield Patch's Traffic and Gas Page, on the Post Road has the lowest price in town at $3.97/gallon. 

Fuel prices in Connecticut were at a low in 2012 in January with the price at approximately $3.55. Since then, prices have been rising steadily.  

According to Bloomberg Business Week, the rising prices have lessened consumption by 3 percent in the past year, which can partly be attributed to more fuel efficient vehicles. 

"I'd expect to see lower gasoline consumption for several years to come," Ken Medlock, an energy expert at Rice University, told the publication.


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