DTC, RTC Chairs Urge Residents to Take Down Lawn Signs Ahead of Sandy

The following release is a joint statement from James Millington, chairman of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee, and Ellery Plotkin, Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee.

With the incoming storm, we are calling on the supporters of all our candidates to bring in all their political lawn signs in advance of the storm.  Under the conditions which have been forecasted, the signs will likely break loose and could become a serious hazard to passing motorists and our first responders.  We encourage you all to secure your signs and we hope you will proudly display them again once the storm passes.   

James Millington  Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman  

Ellery Plotkin Fairfield Democratic Town Committee Chairman 

Tom Hardy February 14, 2013 at 09:34 PM
Hurricane Sandy was a true show that nature can be a real jerk.. My sister lost all her campaign signs and would like to get new ones designed. She was recommended to go to http://www.thepoliticalsignstore.com, but she is still looking I think. Any suggestions I can pass on?


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