One Flu Clinic Wildly Popular; the Other Falls Flat

Fairfield residents grab flu shots at first clinic, not second.

Last week, the Fairfield saw a near-stampede to recieve flu shots—a clinic orchestrated by the town health department used all 180 pre-ordered vaccinations, and had to turn others away.

"There was a line out the door," said Sands Cleary, the town's director of health.

But this week, the numbers were different. The Wednesday, Jan. 23 clinic had only five people come in for vaccinations.

Cleary said the disparity is likely due to the time inbetween the two clinics. Pharmacies and physicians had time to restock shots, and folks stopped by there for their vaccinations.

The health department currently has a surplus of shots, and Cleary said they will be administering them on a single basis—but will not organze further mass events. There's no need, Cleary said.

While some businesses in downtown Fairfield have run dry, others remain flush with shots—see which ones here.

The especially powerful flu season parallels a spate of freezing days and nights, with temperatures dipping into the single-digits.


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