Weston and Redding Close to 100% Power Restoration. [Update]

Easton is 50 customers away from comprehensive restoration.

Update 2:30pm (Monday)

Weston and Redding can just about celebrate having comprehensive power restoration. CL&P reports that only nine of its customers in Weston are without power, while the number in Redding is down to just seven.

UI has re-configured its customer list in Easton. Earlier today, the utility company reported that just 33 of its customers in Easton were without power. That number has risen to 50 according to their charts.

Update: 9:30am (Monday)

UI has made significant progress in restoring power to its more than 2,000 customers in Easton. As of 930am, there are just 33 of its customers in town without power, that mark represents 1% of their total customers in Easton.

CL&P reports that it's close to 100% power restoration in Weston. Just 11 of its 3807 customers in town are without power.

Redding is also real close to having comprehensive power restoration. Of its 3,914 customers in town, CL&P reports 10 are without power

Check back for more updates later on Monday.

[Editor's Note: This article's table has been updated to show progress by CL&P and UI in restoring power to our towns, and will continue to be udpated throughout the day and week.]

Saying the breadth and power of Hurricane Irene prevented some 400 line and tree workers from coming to the state as quickly as desired, officials with Connecticut Light & Power on Tuesday said some customers likely will not get power back until Sunday.

Some 150 additional workers are expected to arrive through Thursday to help restore power, CL&P President and COO Jeff Butler said during a press briefing.

“Even though we’ve made tremendous progress in the first 36 hours in restoring 400,000 customers—and I expect to see good progress continue—I still expect some portion of the customers that have been impacted by this event, just because of the sheer magnitude that our system is seeing, to go a week or more [through Sunday],” Butler said.

“I don’t expect it to be anywhere near where we’re at today, but given the magnitude of the damage of what we’ve seen, I expect that we’ll have customers out of power for a week or more during this entire event and that’s one of the reasons we continue to go out and seek more crews,” he continued. “We’re doing everything possible to bring more resources into this state to expedite as much as possible the restoration for all of our customers. We will not back down from our EOC [Emergency Operating Center] status until all of our customers have been restored.”

Crews arriving Tuesday include workers flying in from Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, Butler said. CL&P has equipment ready for those workers. Other crew members are driving in with their own equipment, from states as far away as Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Colorado, he said.

As Irene took shape and delayed planes and closed roads, the Berlin-based utility was forced to make do with fewer workers than it had planned for—plans that were made in earnest last Wednesday, Butler said.

“We were told that a certain number of crews would be arriving at certain times and what we found was two things,” he said. “First of all, they didn’t necessarily arrive when they told us they would arrive. And when they got here, there were quite a few changes with fewer crews than what they told us they were going to send, and in a couple of cases, significantly fewer crews.”

The comments echo much of what Butler said during a with Gov. Dannel Malloy.

The comments also come on the heels of from that CL&P failed to respond quickly enough to widespread power outages. Several Connecticut towns saw 100 percent of CL&P customers without power in Irene’s wake, prompting municipalities to open up emergency shelters even as many districts still don’t know when school will start.

In , towns such as and saw improvements overnight, though many towns remain largely without power. Here’s a snapshot of where things stood as of 7 a.m. Tuesday:

Town Total 7 a.m. (Tues)
% Town % at 3:30 p.m.
9:30 p.m. 5 p.m. (Weds) 10:30 a.m. (Thurs) 5 p.m. 7 a.m. (Fri) 11 a.m. Darien 3,881 49 45 46 30 25 21 8 8 Easton* 2,109 72 70 63 63 63 60 59 59 Fairfield* 11,274 48 41 39 29 29 27 13 13 Greenwich 8,757 31 28 23 21 14 16 9 9 New Canaan 6,442 76 77 76 75 70 63 43 36 Norwalk 7,561 25 18 14 12 8 6 5 4 Redding 2,986 76 88 88 69 44 57 48 39 Ridgefield 8,553 80 77 77 69 63 60 44 44 Shelton* 7,233 41 43 42 19 15 14 14 12 Stamford 14,671 46 19 13 11 7 5 3 2 Trumbull* 6,068 44 44 35 16 15 13 12 11 Weston 3,617 95 95 82 75 72 71 55 55 Westport 4,379 35 45 33 20 16 13 7 5 Wilton 5,410 74 53 63 67 54 57 38 34 *United Illuminating customers

“As we look at the restoration, we continue to focus on areas where we can restore power to the largest number of customers in the soonest timeframe, so that continues to be the focus,” Butler said.

Priorities have included restoring power to hospitals, schools and wastewater treatment facilities, Butler said.

Here are some numbers Butler provided during the press briefing:

  • As fo 6 a.m. Tuesday, the total number of homes without power statewide had been reduced to 421,883 customers
  • A total of 399,659 customers’ power had been restored since Saturday
  • At Irene’s peak, 672,000 customers were without power (the maximum number of customers out at any one time during the storm)
  • Tuesday morning, 854 crews were working – including 488 line crews (poles and wires), 366 tree crews
  • CL&P aware of 912 roads total blocked state and town roads, and 320 have been cleared

During a question-and-answer session during the briefing, Butler said that eastern Connecticut had been hit far worse than the western part of the state. Some homes lose power even during the restoration, Butler said, because for safety reasons crews often have to switch off the power to deal with power lines that are leaning against fallen trees, in order to clear the vegetation.

NicenNeat September 02, 2011 at 12:22 AM
What businesses do you have? Why are you so prepared with generators for your home and all of your businesses and yet haven't been on here offering showers at your home, or free service at your businesses during this hardship that so many are experiencing? It's a great marketing advantage to offer free services to all of those in need during a situation like this.. it would mean you are part of the community and CARE!. Yet all you post about is how awful Rudy is and how horrible this town and CL&P are. Why don't you step up and offer your numerous Fairfield County businesses/services for free or reduced rates like so many other Ridgefield/Fairfield County businesses have? Help out your neighbor! If you honestly owned so many businesses, during a time like this, you wouldn't have time to be complaining about everything that is wrong on all of the Patch sites in Fairfield County. You appear to be a pot calling the kettle black.
Memom September 02, 2011 at 12:48 AM
What this entire area really needs are underground wires rather than poles. Let's face it climate change is here, whatever the reason. In the past 2 years we have seen storms and flooding (even a tornado) in this area that were not prevalent before. The problem is that a project like this would cost a fortune and would take a miracle to be funded. Perhaps in "light" of the clean up costs for Irene, the price of a project like this might be considered cost effective. I wish I had a small wind turbine generator, then I would have had all the power I needed. I think it's time to start thinking about the future, alternative energy, modenization and make some needed changes.
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 01:59 AM
Nice n neat I own some pharmacies. I do have people at my house... people have stopped by to charge their phones and computers--and complain about rudy and his poor decision making process. I dont have showers in my pharmacies. My house is only 3 years old, and builder and I both agreed that a built in generator makes sense, given what had already occured in 2006 and 2007. I think that you should invite some people over to your house. After all, that southern hospitality should be opened up to more than just your neighbor who has the adapter but no generator. And your family from norwalk who owns laundromattes, but then somehow shipped you to the south to grow up with manners (I take it the rest of your family are not nice? they were in Connecticut while you were in the South) and then shipped you back up to Maine for the survival course, which included buying a generator (?) and what? a campfire ? I cant even remember all the ridicuous stuff you are telling people. My style is not to describe how great a person I am--in order to gain some sort of moral advantage in a debate. If you want to know- I served in Vietnam. Combat . I grew up in Detroit. I moved to Connecticut , because after I came back , I went law school in Ct, and met my wife who was from Darien. We found that Ridgefield is cheaper and moved here. This is our second home. I sold a majority interest in the pharmacies..as I am approaching retirement age. I have opinions. Not lies.
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 02:14 AM
nicenneat-- I have a pretty straight-forward question for you. You think (as you have stated maybe 15 times) that blaming is wrong. You originally chose to defend Rudy Marconi and his decision to turn off the power to houses that were electrified. If professionals were on the way to fix the lines, then maybe we could accept the decision. But, as we stayed at 100% out of power for over 24 hours and still at 82% without--48 hours later--then the power lines obviously posed no danger for line workers, as they were not working on the live wires. They were not working on any wires. But I digress---here is the point--IN the article above your buddy , Rudy blames (yes blames!!) state government and CLp for being ill prepared. Im wondering nice n neat, why you havent gotten on these posts and blasted rudy for the same type of criticism that you object to by the rest of us? He , of course, doesnt take the heat himself. No. He blames everyone but himself. Is that OK? I guess it is niceneat--because , as i first suspected, you came on here only to defend Rudy. The rest of your posts, are simply an evolution of your position. Rudy is full of blame. Thats a conundrum. Now you have to take umbrage with the same force against him? But curiously, you havent. Big surprise.
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 03:38 AM
power back here....nice job rudy! you have my vote!
Guy Shelton September 02, 2011 at 04:54 AM
This can all be avoided if you run power underground. No poles to maintain, no late night drunks plowing into poles with loaded trucks, no ice build up, factor in the cost of this storm and maintenance; I wonder how the long term numbers compare. Oh wait we can't bury the power lines, and telephone and communication because the birds won't have a place to warm their toes in winter. Won't somebody think of the birds!
azreygasdf September 02, 2011 at 10:35 AM
CL&P's piss-poor response this event is an example gross incompetance and ineptitude. The State should demand wholesale management changes, starting from the top Bozo and right down to the drunk lineman...
NicenNeat September 02, 2011 at 11:48 AM
People have been here none stop, we have well water, but not hot water. They come for the grilled food and flushing toilets! My GRANDPARENTS owned a corner market during the depression and opened their doors to the community, allowing those that were desperate to run credit for the necessities. After things got better, some people came back and paid them, others didn't. We still have the journal they kept. Great lessons learned there. As they said, you can count your real friends on your fingers of one hand. Ever hear of Langley AFB, Homestead AFB? That's where I went with my family, summers spent in Maine with my grandparents and cousins. If you fought in Vietnam, there's a good chance that you were protected overhead by my father, or maybe by my Uncle who was in the Seabees. We were stationed in Turkey for a while also. And maybe now you understand the code of honor that those two individuals taught us kids, and everyone around us.
AnneMarie Surfaro-Boehme September 02, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Day #6 Everyone has the right to voice their opinion- this is the USA! I do have issues with people who use "pen" names and not their birth name-I admire those who proudly sign their name and take the 'heat!' but again, it's your free choice to do so. Ridgefielders are resilient and respectful. When our power is fully restored, I have a suggestion! The one area of communication that Ridgefield used to have but doesn't anymore is a local radio station. We used to have WREF am radio-channel 85 -local with Bob Lasprogato. Since most everyone could have access to a battery radio (like the old days!) Rudy would be able to communicate an additional way all day or when needed and reach even more people faster. Right now channel 85 broadcasts only music, but the reception is great. And wouldn't it be great if Ridgefield could get it back? It originally was located on Rt 35 near Parks and Rec. If anyone in town knows how or if we can get the channel back please let us know what we need to do.
Elyse September 02, 2011 at 04:22 PM
Some stats, from the Rocky Hill Patch (they didn't mention Wilton but...) SOUTHERN DISTRICT (Includes Newtown, Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport, Ridgefield, Redding, Weston, Easton, Fairfield, Brookfield, Bethel, Danbury, Darien and Monroe) Broken poles: 336 (237 repaired) Damaged transformers: 193 (73 repaired) Sections of downed wires: more than 1,000 (624 repaired) Road closures: 498 (440 reopened) More stats on rest of CT damage at http://rockyhill.patch.com/articles/clp-99-of-state-to-have-power-back-by-monday
NYC_bound September 02, 2011 at 05:20 PM
Renzo, I agree. I read your posts a lot. People give you are hard time but you know what? You are right. I think that's why people give you a hard time, because they know you are right. Human nature stinks.
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 05:35 PM
Nicenneat. Your grandparents were busy people. They owned a laundromatte ( when people are talking about laundry). They owned a corner store, which doled out credit for those in need ( when people are talking about charity and owning pharmacies/ corner stores). If I served in the military....so did your family. You truly are amazing. Thanks for....well being you. But you did forget to answer my question. Is Rudy wrong for relying on and blaming everyone? Or is it just everyone else? Weird that you didn't answer. And terribly weird, that you chose not to berate him for not taking any responsibility. Rudy took zero. You do realize that? Correct?
Eustace Tilley September 02, 2011 at 05:41 PM
get off the grid, become self sufficient
Jayson Podber September 02, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Didnt' the storm come through North Carolina on it's way here? One would think that line crews from North and South Carolina would be busy in their own areas, and therefore unavailable to come here. Sounds like common sense to me, but I guess you don't need any common sense to run CL&P
NicenNeat September 02, 2011 at 06:46 PM
Luca, there is no way to have an intelligent conversation with someone who can't read a post or changes it to suit their needs. Maybe you have had too much access to prescription drugs in your lifetime... because within a few days of back and forth with you, I have come to realize that you have the characteristics of an addict. Alcohol or drugs. And yes, I am very familiar with the type of personality they develop over long term usage. It was entertaining to say the least, but I know that there is no winning anything dealing with this type of behavior. As power is expected on today according to the crew working on the area here, I will leave you with a few more idea as to who I am. When you go to town and see a woman who says excuse me, thank you and please, it might be me. When you see a small neighborhood party this Monday afternoon at a house, it might be mine. When you see someone stop in busy traffic to let someone from a side road enter, it might be me. When the power is out in town and a woman treats the traffic lights as a four way stop sign, it could be me. When you see a woman up at Yanity helping out this weekend, it could be me. When you see someone volunteering at other times of the year, it could be me. When a woman holds a door for her elders, it could be me. The best of luck to you in life in the future!
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 07:13 PM
Oh and Nice Your grandparents must have been very old when they had your father . To own multiple stores in the depression era --and then have a kid born in 1945 or so...and then your father must have had you , when he was around 15, since you said you are 50. An interesting family history. Growing up on multiple army bases when you were 8-10 years old, and your father away in vietnam or to have been then stationed in Turkey? Thats highly unusual. Were you in Turkey when you were 5? or 15? Your grandparents must have been cool to take you to Maine--as they were probably 85 years old when you were a youngster. A very intersting family. Such travels and such heroes. No wonder you want to remain anonymous.
Larry Weisberg September 02, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Larry Weisberg September 02, 2011 at 07:27 PM
This whole outage has been handled in a most atrocious manner. CL&P should be ashamed of the way they have handled the situation.
R67 September 02, 2011 at 08:25 PM
Ridgefield was the only town to voluntarily cut off power and yet all the residents in all the other towns survived. Not a single electrocution anywhere in Connecticut. So was cutting off power really necessary? Why do we think we are so much smarter than those other towns? Meanwhile, Darien, a town obviously filled with fools, already managed to start their school year.
sebastian dangerfield September 02, 2011 at 08:43 PM
r67 Yep Dont let certain people hear you. Rudy cant make mistakes. If you question him--you are simply wrong. However, Rudy? He can blame everyone under the sun. Its a crazy world out there. Some people are amazing heroes. Lugging 80 pound generators to houses that bizarrely have generator adapters, yet (?) dont have generators. And homes where people are shuttling through grabbing home cooked cookies with southern hospitality, despite being from Norwalk. BUT DONT!!! Dont question our first selectman. That is wrong. As Renzo says--at least she provides some laughs. It reminds me of that old SNL skit-- Yeah--"when I was President...of the United States.." yeah I remember when I invented the IPOD. Yeah..." Cant remember even who did it? Dana Carvey maybe? But it was funny as is niceneat. Good stuff. "oh laundry--yeah my family did that." fought in battle--yeah me too. " Funny.
PaulW September 02, 2011 at 10:35 PM
I don't understand why there are police officers "guarding" east ridge. I don't for a moment believe anyone seriously threatened the utility workers. Yeah right, some soccer mom was going to punch out a big burly dude from Missouri? What is the political game here? Makes RIdgefield look foolish in front of the entire country. Get those police officers back in the field directing traffic for the tree cutting crews and stop this nonsense about 110 pound soccer moms threatening the big guys.
Elyse September 03, 2011 at 02:12 AM
WEll, my power came back on tonight, not long after I went to the Y to take a hot shower, so... bigs thanks to the Y for offering free showers to all the residents without power, to offering free water, to the police/town/CERT folk for distributing free water at the Kristine Lilly field, as well as the fire department for distributing free water, and the library for staying open late so people could access their email and recharge their equipment. Yes, the CL&P situation needs to be addressed, but I'm sure when the power comes back on people will forget. Instead, write CL&P, write your representative, and don't let it fall by the way side. And for all of our time without power, remember, the vast majority of us have our houses intact (unlike some 120 people in this state), and no trees took our the roofs, etc. We were lucky Irene downgraded to a tropical storm. Who knows how much worse it could have been with hurricane force winds.
tonypct September 03, 2011 at 04:24 PM
Fir heaven's sake, who spends $500 on a golf outing? Or dinner for four at a fancy restaurant? I certainly don't. hate to burst your bubble, but not everyone who lives in Fairfield County is as wealthy as feels as entitled as you think. While the storm itself was not catastrophic, except for those poor folks who lost their homes up and down the coast, UI's and CL&P's response was totally unacceptable. I'm on day seven with no power and no running water. That makes me entitled? Just because we are still alive, uninjured and may not have suffered property damage to sepak of, it does not excuse UI and CL&P's unacceptable response. You need to think before you paint everyone with the same color.
tonypct September 03, 2011 at 04:26 PM
Couldn't agree more with you Elyse. (Big thumbs up!)
Slmnrc September 03, 2011 at 06:55 PM
the management team at CL&P should loose their pensions - that's all they really care about anyway
Susan Rosen September 05, 2011 at 02:55 PM
As a member of CERT and volunteer for EMS, I know all about community service. I have to laugh, now that power is finally back after 8 and half days without, listening to the numerous (Landline) messages from Code Red, asking to please call if your power is still out. Most land lines nowadays need electricity to operate. Maybe time to register our cell phones...... food for thought!
Eustace Tilley September 05, 2011 at 03:37 PM
The only certain way to prevent hurricanes or tropical storms knocking down trees onto power lines is to 'simply' and expensively bury all the wires...how many are willing to pay for that?
heavens sake September 05, 2011 at 06:13 PM
Not many. Buried power lines are vulnerable to extreme flooding as well. Burying power lines more cost efficient in new community development rather than mature towns. Could you imagine the politics? Better solution is get an emergency generator. Had one for over 20 years --- paid for itself many times over in terms of preventing food spoilage, hotel bills and peace of mind insuring heat, lighting and well water. Actually prices of generators have declined since many are now made in China---but thats the subject of a whole another post.
the man September 05, 2011 at 09:26 PM
Thanks in part to the 8th Air Force most of Europe has underground wires. This area in the past 20 years has grown and power has been just "ADDED AS NEEDED" with out thought to defined and easily repaired circuits.
Elyse September 06, 2011 at 01:54 PM
In past hurricanes, I do not believe hot showers/free bottled water/free washing water was supplied. People were more self-sufficient I guess. However, the damage was not as widespread as with Irene. As for hurricanes before Gloria, such as '55 and '38, I have no idea. Those were bad, particularly '38, which rearranged the coastline.


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