This Year in Fairfield: RTM Slashes School Budget, Referendum Fails, Metro Center Deficit Revealed

Fairfield Patch looks back on the events of 2011 while looking forward to 2012 with This Year In Fairfield. This Friday marks the second installment of this four-part series, which will be published on the remaining Fridays in December.


We this week with a look at the news that made headlines during the second quarter of 2011:


Christopher DiMeo, the man of killing Fairfield jewelers Tim and Kim Donnelly, on April 1.

A complete loomed nationwide in early April when Congress was at odds over the federal budget and spending cuts. Columnist Cathryn Prince outlined what such a shutdown could have meant for Connecticut.

After two years of meetings and planning, the Town Planning and Zoning Commission approved the plan to build a in the Hoyden’s Hill section of town. Neighbors of the area filed to later in April over the field.

to open another store on Stratfield Road, opposed by many residents in that area of town, is taken up with the appellate court.

A that occurred on the northbound side of I-95 in mid-April shut down both sides of the highway, seriously injuring two people and causing multiple explosions.

Fairfield taxpayers waste no time in preparing on the town budget, which would not be voted on until early May.


Fairfield residents react to the with satisfaction, but question why it took so long to finish the deed.

Thirty-seven people were arrested after Fairfield University students threw their annual on Fairfield Beach. Permanent area residents were not happy with the crowd of 1,500 partying and mussing up the beach.

RTM members vote to from the Board of Education budget, a move that will continue to elicit response from the public for months to come.

Former First Selectman Kenneth his position as First Selectman; Selectman as First Selectman until she and Selectman James Walsh can agree on a replacement.

Residents begin the process for a to the Board of Education’s budget.

The Board of Finance settles on a preliminary of 22.47 mills in early May.

A headline that will make big news later this year: it is announced in mid-May that the will head to auction again.

The Board of Education announces that high school athletes may have to “’ in an attempt restore funds to the slashed school budget. 

Fairfield resident Kyle Sherwood Ralston wins and heads to the competition for Mrs. America.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Title suggests an alternative to “pay to play”: to park in the schools’ lots. The later in May, helping avoid utilizing “pay to play.”


The popular downtown makes its way onto the IRS list of revoked non-profits. The theatre would later in the year make news when it apparently closes down without notice.

Former Board of Finance member for his five-plus months serving as interim First Selectman before being elected for a full term in November.

The to restore funds to the Board of Education’s budget because less than 25 percent of the town’s voters voted in favor of it. 

An agreement to debate between Rob Bellitto, Jr., and David Becker sparks disagreements between the two.  

The Metro Center makes news again when $2.4 to $6.4 million in are discovered; former First Selectman Ken Flatto said about the overruns.


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