Too Cold for Frozen Sweets? Not in Fairfield

16 Handles on Post Road sees lines despite cold spell.

Despite blustery weather and well-below freezing temperatures, one business in downtown Fairfield that trades in cold treats hasn't seen a dip in business.

"We're pretty steady," said 16 Handles manager Sam Perse on a recent Friday afternoon. Perse said the current cold snap hasn't deterred shoppers from picking up a cup of frozen yogurt at the Post Road location.

"I've had people wait outside with snow on the ground," she added.

What can take a toll isn't weather, but school breaks, Perse explained. When Fairfield University goes on break, and college students trek home for weeks at a time, the shop's lines thin out.

(For store hours, click here.)

Other ice cream shops that lack the luxury of a spacious indoor area have had to shutter their doors for the winter season, like the Dairy Queen just down the block on Post Road.


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