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Meet & Greet local author Sara Hacala/SAVING CILVILTIY on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 12noon-2:00pm at the downtown Fairfield University Bookstore, 1499 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824 (203) 255-7756, 1st floor

“Rude behavior … is divisive and pushes people away, creating a further disconnect in the wake of bruised or angry feelings…”, writes Sara Hacala in SAVING CIVILITY: 52 Ways to Tame Rude, Crude & Attitude for a  Polite Planet (SkyLight Paths / September 2011 / Paperback / $16.99). “We have an opportunity to reverse course, which first requires us to take a long and honest look at ourselves, becoming aware of our behavior and how we treat others. In order to connect with people, we must slow down and take the time to develop those relationships; otherwise, we miss out on the best opportunities of our lives.”

Sara Hacala, a certified etiquette and protocol consultant, offers a definitive look at what civility means and how it can change the nature of everyday interaction in professional, social and personal settings. She goes beyond a superficial discussion of proper manners to present civility as a mind-set that encompasses values and attitudes in order to help people embrace their connections to others and repair society. Tapping the wisdom of ancient spiritual luminaries as well as the latest social science research, Saving Civility provides fifty-two practical ways people can reverse the course of incivility and make the world a more enriching, pleasant place to live. Hacala demystifies the art of behaving with dignity, offering insight from groundbreaking research on:

• Why kindness and generosity toward others may
benefit your own health and well- being

• Why being adaptable to different circumstances—a new dress code or a foreign culture—is a survival skill

• Why respect and courtesy toward customers—and
employees—are essential to business profitability

  How to defuse conflict and prevent business and personal setbacks by practicing listening, mirroring and paying attention.

Sara Hacala, a frequent speaker around the United States on the topic of civility, is president of Sara Hacala & Associates LLC, which provides full-service training and seminars in all aspects of business etiquette, manners and civility for corporate personnel, university students and individuals. She also works in high schools with “at-risk” students, teaching vital interpersonal skills to help them access the business arena and increase their opportunities for success.


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