Are You What You Eat?

What are you eating for lunch today? Will this choice have anything to do with how you feel the rest of the day? What you eat, drink and think is the focus of this blog.

You may not remember the first time you heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But do we really understand what that means?

My name is Glen Colello, co-owner of Catch a Healthy Habit Café of Fairfield, CT. I look forward to blogging here for you on this topic because I have come to understand that what we eat forms our blood, tissues, bones and organs.

In 2001, I was challenged by Southport, CT Chiropractor Dr. Nick Bogannam to omit from my diet certain types of foods that he believed were the cause of my minor health aliments (allergies, acne, super stiff back, etc.) and that was when My journey began. As refined sugar, dairy products and animal protein faded from my choices of food and drink, my body transformed.

Up to the present day, my journey continues. As co-owner of Connecticut’s only all raw vegetarian café, I have met many people that truly believe that they are what they eat. And yet so many others have taken no ‘steak’ in the phrase.

I am not blogging with a mission to create a Fairfield, Connecticut that is free of pizza parlors and steak houses. If so, there would be many more building vacancies along the Post Road and Black Rock Turnpike than there are now. Rather, I am attempting to share what I have learned on my journey as a 2005 Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate, host of many events featuring leading health and wellness experts, co-owner of Connecticut's only raw food café since February of 2008, and someone who is still studying all the hottest trends in nutrition and peer reviewed studies.

For now, ask yourself, “Am I what I eat?” Examine what you eat, read the list of ingredients on the package and ask yourself if you even recognize the words. If you step on the scale, do you like the number? Are you on medications? Do you know what created the need for that medication?

We can take this journey together and both learn and grow to understand why
and how we become what we eat. Until next time eat real food!

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Mark Sosnowski May 25, 2011 at 02:05 AM
we are indeed. what goes into our mouth fuels, and builds our bodies. you owe it to yourself to put in the best fuel to your personal vehicle. most peeps are more concerned over fuel they put into their car! you've only got one body. i know. fueling my own has transformed my life, body, mind, and spirit! it all started by merely adding an ... apple! and, discovering the rich resources offered here @ the cafe! b your best self.


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