"Farmageddon" documentary review by Glen Colello

The documentary "Farmageddon: The Unseen War on Family Farms shows how family farms are being raided for growing and producing healthy food!

From July 9-14, 2011, Cinema Village on New York City's east side, hosts the documentary, "Farmageddon: The Unseen War on Family Farms" by Kristin Canty. This documentary is for those who care about what they eat and drink, and their overall Food Security and Freedom.

Do you know where your food comes from? Who grew or produced your food and drink? Does it matter to you if your chicken breast came from a chicken that never saw the light of day, ate food they were not meant to eat or were in a large room with 5,000 other beak-less chickens until slaughter? How about your milk coming from cows that are injected with growth hormones and medications to allow them the stay in a continued state of pregnancy in order to deliver more milk than cows should? Follow that up with being poured into a vat of milk from hundreds of other cows that gets pasteurized, homogenized, has synthetic vitamins and minerals added back in, and then finally makes its way into a carton only to be trucked many many miles from source!

For most of Fairfield County, eating factory farmed meat and processed dairy is the norm. "Hey, if the food wasn't safe then the FDA would do something about it, right?”

Well -- Kristin found out that the FDA is indeed doing something about food safety! They are organizing raids and harassing food and milk producers all over the country. They are coming in with SWAT teams, and inspectors and sheriffs with search warrants, of course. But are they raiding the dairy farms of Dean Foods -- the country’s largest dairy, or Tyson Foods -- the largest meat producer in the world? NO.

This movie documents the raids on many small family owned farms, costing taxpayers millions and handing over control of the food supply to corporations and control freaks!  The big picture of Food Security is under attack.  “Farmageddon”  spews this all over the big screen for everybody to see.

Kristin Canty, mother of four, discovered that raw milk could help one of her sons, who was suffering from multiple allergy and asthma when medications were not working. She added raw milk into his diet and watched him drastically improve. Because of what she learned about small family owned farms getting raided, she got inspired to produce this movie. You do not have to make a movie to make a difference.  Your next purchase, your next conversion, your next decision of what to put into your mouth is the best place to start.


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