Fairfield First Selectman Thanks All Who Helped After Irene

From businesses to individuals, many took part in aiding the community following the tropical storm.


To the Editor:

This holiday season, it is very fitting to reflect upon all of the good deeds that so many in our community have done for others over the past year.

During these past few months while serving the Town, I have met numerous residents, community activists, business owners and heads of organizations who have helped the Town in one way or another. Among the many things I am grateful for this holiday season is all of the people who helped our community during .   

On behalf of the Town of Fairfield, I would like to thank Fire Chief Dick Felner (who is also Fairfield’s Emergency Management Director), Deputy Fire Chief Art Reid, Sheila Tesei and Jennifer Morgan of the Fire Department, Police Chief Gary MacNamara, Deputy Police Chief Chris Lyddy, Public Works Director Rich White, DPW Superintendent Scott Bartlett, Health Director Sands Cleary, Building Director Jim Gilleran, Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Title, Fairfield Public School’s Director of Operations Tom Cullen, Fairfield Public School’s Manager of Construction, Security and Safety Sal Morabito, Town Webmaster Merry Uk, and Animal Control Officer Vinnie Pennatto.

I would like to thank the entire DPW department; all of our police and fire employees, our friends at the Senior Center; our Parks and Recreation Department, our Southport and Stratfield volunteer fire departments, our library for staying open, our parks and recreation department for opening the recreation center and Penfield I for showers and our animal control department for helping to shelter and transport pets to safety.  I am also grateful to Fairfield’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which is made up of dedicated volunteer residents and those from our community who volunteered to help CERT by either donating food to the shelter or assisting at the shelter.

In addition, I would like to praise the efforts of the following members of our community for assisting in the recovery efforts and providing services to residents:

Carmen Tortora, Jr. and the Carolton Convalescent Hospital for their generosity and assistance to the Police and Fire Departments and several residents in need; and

Chris D’Ambrosio of for providing free coffee to senior citizens and other residents affected by the power outages; and

The Cingari family of ShopRite supermarket for providing free water and ice to residents; and

Larry Roberts, owner of , who generously provided the space needed for the Command Post and for the distribution of these services; and

Joe Palmieri of CT Tank Removal for facilitating and transporting water from the State Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) to Fairfield’s Command Post; and

and for donating flashlights to senior citizens and residents without power. Home Depot also sent a crew to remove a fallen tree and replace a damaged fence; and

for offering temporary housing and food. The university’s Recreation Center was open for showers during the day; and

for providing space to safeguard and protect town assets; and

for offering free coffee to senior citizen patrons of the restaurant; and

for hooking up the generator at , which was rented from United Rentals, and for also doing work for the police, fire and public works departments during and after the storm, and;

Fairfield Easton Medical Reserve Corps members for providing assistance at the Town’s shelter; and;

The Fairfield Bread Company and the for donating food; and  

for opening its doors to the public for free food on a walk-in basis; and

and for providing public showering.

These numerous individuals, businesses and organizations are to be commended for their goodwill.  Their compassion and generosity is yet another fine example of how the Fairfield community comes together in times of need, helping to make our community even stronger and more special.

I wish all Fairfield residents a very happy and healthy holiday season!




First Selectman

kristen tierney December 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM
In addition, thank you to our library staff, Deputy and our Head Librarian for opening the library for the Community. The library became a charging station, information hub and respite for those without power. It was a joy to see our community in their home away from home during Irene. Our library system is an easily forgotten treasure and resource in our town. Thank you again for working on your furlough day and coming back from vacation to offer us a place to gather and recharge.


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