'Ignorance is Alive and Well in This Fairfield County Town'

The day's most interesting comments from Patch users in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "Fun fact. I spent $190 dollars on my campaign and got 63 votes. $3 per vote." This was Chris Noe's response to . Noe ran as an unaffiliated candidate.

EASTON: "Robert Webbe left a statement tonight, winning close to 400 votes as a write in... Easton has stopped following the establishment and has proven it has an independent voice." This was one Weston-Redding-Easton Patch reader's response to . Webbe was on the ballot as a write-in candidate.

FAIRFIELD: "I guess we like being manipulated, deceived and taxed unfairly." This was on Fairfield Patch reader's response to Election Night results, .

RIDGEFIELD: "As a former history teacher, it is shocking that there are people who want to ban evolution! Ignorance is alive and well in this Fairfield County town. Yikes! I do wish there was a greater turnout yesterday. I suppose some folks just don't care. Unfortunate." This was one Ridgefield Patch reader's response to .


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