SeptemberFest to Support Project of 'Great Proportion' ... Keeping Promises, Campaign Season or Not

Profits to go toward major repairs to the church tower

You know autumn has arrived in Fairfield when signs for fall festivals pop up on lawns throughout your drive around town.

SeptemberFest at Our Lady of the Assumption Church on Stratfield Road (Route 59) will kick off on Friday. The three-day event has grown significantly over the past 10 years - from its smaller church-fair status to the parish's largest annual fundraiser. The fest features rides for children and adults, games and prizes, a huge white-elephant tag sale, 50/50 raffles, a grand prize parish raffle, bingo and plenty of yummy fair food.

Assumption Church's longtime pastor, Monsignor Blase Gintoli, said that the church plans to use this year's SeptemberFest profits for major repairs to the church tower - "a project of great proportion."

"These repairs include repointing sections of the tower and installing a new roof, as well as three sections of flat roofs around the church itself," he said. "However, our one big goal is to bring our parishioners together as a sign of a united parish family working toward a common goal and having fun as we achieve it."

SeptemberFest will be open rain or shine on Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and on Sunday after Mass from 1:00 p.m. to  6:00 p.m.


Fairfield was once known as a conservative town with Republicans outnumbering Democrats 2-to-1. Times have sure changed. The largest portion of the town's voting population is held by unaffiliated voters, which has certainly altered campaign strategies for local and state candidates.

Campaign promises are made on both sides of the political aisle during election time – some of them are kept, while others are broken.

Take for example the reconstruction of Penfield Pavilion – a recreational facility at Penfield Beach that has been utilized by residents and non-residents, both young and old (and every age in between.) The current First Selectman Ken Flatto promised the majority of the planned renovations would be complete if he was re-elected back in 2007. Three years later, the final and largest phase of the rebuild is still pending approval from the Representative Town Meeting.

The $3.28 million in funding to complete the long-awaited rebuild of Penfield Pavilion will go for final approval to the town's legislative body on Sept. 27.

Parks and Recreation officials told the Board of Finance that the $3.28 million expenditure makes more long-term sense than spending about $1.2 million to simply make piecemeal renovations to the building. A rebuild could last more than 100 years, while renovations would likely last only 20 years, according to Public Works Director Richard White. By most accounts, the rebuild of Penfield Pavilion is fiscally sensible and most citizens in our town agree that this recreational gem is overdue for its promised reconstruction.

The rental fee for the pavilion is currently a nominal $500 and is utilized by schools, private parties and organizations for events throughout the year. Let's hope it remains an affordable space where as many residents and neighbors as possible can enjoy the facility and beach.

"Even in difficult times it is prudent to make capital investments to infrastructure," said finance board member Kevin Kiley. Republicans and Democrats so far seem to concur on this particular issue. Now, let's just remember to keep our promises.

Ffld mom September 14, 2010 at 05:42 PM
The plan does eliminate about 150 lockers - none of the lockers on the side not yet renovated are being replaced. On the other side of the pavillion, there are, I believe, 100 seasonal lockers and 100 day lockers. The lottery will be for these existing 100 seasonal lockers. That means the 100 or so people with seasonal lockers on the renovated side who have been able to rent their locker year after year, will now be forced into a lottery for those lockers along with the approx. 150 people who will lose their locker due to the redesign and, last I checked, the more than 150 still on the waiting list for a locker. Very unfortunate and short sighted. This is a loss of revenue the town has been able to count on for years, not to mention that there are going to be a number of very angry Fairfielders - including many seniors and families who have been renting the same locker for years - who will no longer have that option.
Sidney September 14, 2010 at 07:28 PM
Presenting a new series: The Best of Me.... >>Even Joe Bite Me and the foreign born President knows that. >>We could probably save a lot on this voting stuff if we just annointed (sic) a king. >>Flatto is standing up for the environment. This is a nasty dirty brownfield. Kurt Wittek and Aaron Stauber wanted to clean it up but Tom Steinke kept getting in the way. >>There are about 20 people on the RTM who actually look before they vote. >>Rog, I know we need fields. I will be damned if us old guys have to give up Veterans Park to the children. >>I agree. California is an example of longstanding fiscal restraint and good government. >>I will be damned if we give up Veterans Field to the children. My foot is broke now so I can't play but I be out there soon. For now we just play here between phone calls. >>The PCBs are long gone into the Long Island Sound when the pipe was accidentally broken. That's the skinny on that anyway. Unless you were fishing down at the jetty that week you shouldn't see any glow. >>More disdain for the RTM by town officials. It never stops. Our firehouses are in horrible condition but nobody seems to care about that. >>The state cops set up a drug buy/sting at the I-95 rest stop. Interesting news but not really relevant to what is going on in town unless one of our Selectmen were up there again.
Sidney September 14, 2010 at 07:38 PM
The Best of Me, continued.... >>Joe Ganim, John Rowland and Ernie Newton were all great huminitarians (sic), too. >>I do enjoy hearing from the fringes on the issues, though, as it makes for good comic relief. >>Spare us the sanctimony. We operate within the rules here. This happens to be the United States of America where we get to criticize our government. >>.......Uh, I am just disgusted and I have to go. >>keep talking! >>Teach the children there Billy. It is all about the children. >>Sorry, pal. I don't do internet dating. It doesn't go well with the other half. There are some old humps that meet up there at Smith Richardson fields you might want to hook up with. >>My head is spinning. Nice job! >>In a nutshell, that is the word and the cops think it is funny! >>Somebody call security. Ludlowe is under the bleachers again with Seymour. >>...the top cops do nothing about it because they are spending too much time sucking face with the camera and hanging on the rear end of certain politicians while clammoring (sic) for evermore undeserved brass on their shoulders. >>We don't like haywired androids, we don't know anyone named Kerri, and Bat Masterson is helping us with our cane skills just in case we get accosted at TPZ tomorrow night like we did at the Stop and Shop. There was a silver lining in my broke leg. We will be ready this time!
Sidney September 14, 2010 at 07:53 PM
More on the Best of Me... >>Maybe she thought sprinkling some of that Fairfield Republican skunk perfume around was all it would take. >>China owns our debt and Spain owns our water and Blumenthal is protecting us all. >>That is why you rarely see a full school bus around town. >>You've got to hand it to the Taliban, they know how to deal with the fools who don't get it. These rogue Fairfield firemen? Take them out for a good public stoning, that will bring them into line. They are so overrated. What they do, any fat, donut-eating fool could do and probably for a lot cheaper. Time for some good old fashioned Taliban justice. >>Remember that the highest court in our land declared that crying 'fire" in a crowded theater can land you in jail. >>I agree that everybody should be held accountable.
Jennifer Hochberg September 14, 2010 at 10:25 PM
Erin, thanks for the heads-up on the Assumption Church SeptemberFest! I remember it as a fun event for this time of year right before Autumn started...the weather is supposed to be terrific this weekend which works out nicely.


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