'Let's Hope the Governor Doesn't Need to Go to the Bathroom...'

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DARIEN: "So many axes to grind and excuses in all these comments, but the only voice worth listening to is the judge's. Does anybody really think they are influencing anything here?" This is one Darien Patch reader's response to comments about news that a to get a defamation lawsuit filed by Darien developer Margaret Stefanoni thrown out of court, thus allowing the case to go to trial.

FAIRFIELD: "Let's hope the Governor doesn't need to go to the bathroom during the ceremony. That would be... awkward." This is one Fairfield Patch reader's response to news that . Readers are questioning whether the new train station will be equipped with restrooms.

TRUMBULL: "An incredible story. It shows how one person can make a difference in many peoples lives. People often become complacent, because they don't believe their individual efforts can change the world. They can." This is Trumbull Patch reader's response to a profile on Trumbull resident Ann Marie Tarinelli, who under the viaduct on John Street in Bridgeport.

WILTON: "Way to pimp that house! ...And yes, taxes are outrageous for such an ugly house." This is one Wilton Patch reader's response to news that Ace Frehley, the legendary former-KISS guitarist who lived in Wilton during the 1970s, fractured his wrist. Another reader pointed out that .


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