Letter: "Chris DeSanctis is the Clear Choice in This Race"

Former RTM member Richard Santalesa responds to Philip Dwyer's Oct. 4 Letter to the Editor.

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to . It is telling that Mr. Dwyer attempts to divert voters from the real issues at stake in this election.  Despite his sight of hand he is right in one thing, however: Connecticut voters are smarter than to fall for such tactics.

The Kim Fawcett he portrays doesn't match reality or recognize the challenges Fairfield and Connecticut face. The real issues in this race are: why Connecticut has one of the highest per capita debt levels in the nation; why national publications, like Barron's, are ranking Connecticut as one of the worst-managed states in the nation while also dubbing CT "the worst state to retire in"; and why Fairfield's budget has risen by an average of 4.98% year in and year out since 1999, in large part because of mandates from Hartford. 

Unlike DeSanctis, Dwyer and Fawcett expect us to ignore the historic 9%+ unemployment rate in Connecticut -- a full point above the national average. CT's State Labor Department claimed they were "stumped" by the jump. But it's no surprise -- given the mandates, regulations and policies stemming from Hartford that Kim has supported. 

In addition, gas prices today are at a record high, with CT going and back and forth with California to vie for the state in the continental U.S. with the highest gas prices.

How has Ms. Fawcett, as Dwyer claims, "balanced meeting the needs of her constituents with the ability of citizens to afford state and local property taxes" or acted to "hold government officials accountable"? Really? 

Chris DeSanctis is the clear choice in this race. He has the common sense and responsibility to recognize the real pressing issues we face. Chris will show up for work as a legislator, and I’m confident will fight for prosperity and job growth in Connecticut.

Meanwhile back in Hartford, Ms. Fawcett and her Democrat colleagues continue to ignore that CT has hit a fiscal iceberg and is listing alarmingly to port.  Instead they, and supporters like Dwyer, urge the band to play louder while they effectively pump more water in because, of course, CT is "unsinkable." It seems to me that boast was proven false back on the Titanic.

It's time to start treating voters like adults and recognizing that the problems we face are real and require real leaders.

Richard Santalesa
Former RTM Member, R-3

fairfield newcomer October 07, 2012 at 02:46 PM
My question to the author of this letter is, which services to which citizens do you want to eliminate to balance the budget, let me know and I might consider your letter as something other than a partisan letter of support.


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