Letter: Congressman Jim Himes 'Deserves to Be Re-Elected'

Letter-writer calls Jim Himes a 'thoughtful, bipartisan legislator.'

If ever there was an election in which Democratic and Republican candidates represent dramatically different values, this is it. The electorate is keenly aware of the differences. Recent polls show that a majority of voters believes that President Obama’s policies will help the middle class. Unlike Governor Romney’s policies, which a majority believes favor just the wealthy. Romney has been forthright with where he stands, not backing down from his statement that nearly half the nation doesn’t take responsibility for its own well-being.

But here in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District, Republican challenger Steve Obsitnik refuses to state where he stands on important issues. He is trying to appeal to moderate voters without repudiating radical Republican policies. On his website he says he will “fight to ensure that seniors receive the healthcare they need.” But he refuses to go on the record about whether or not he supports the Ryan budget plan. Ryan’s plan turns Medicare into a voucher system that would likely not allow seniors to buy the coverage they receive today. 

Obsitnik says he supports “women’s reproductive choice”, but has repeatedly refused to answer whether he supports the constitutional protection of Roe v. Wade, which Romney and Ryan vow to overturn. Obsitnik wants lower taxes and a reduced federal debt, but offers no plan for how these incompatible goals can be achieved without decimating investments in education, infrastructure, jobs and energy independence. 

In contrast, Jim Himes has a voting record that makes his positions clear.  He stands behind his vote for the Affordable Care Act, which will extend healthcare coverage to millions of Americans.  He is working to find fair, balanced solutions to our fiscal problems, being called a “hero” by USA Today for voting for a compromise budget modeled on Obama’s bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission. Congressman Himes is the thoughtful, bipartisan legislator we need to move the country forward. He deserves to be re-elected.


Jonathan Perloe

Michael Duff October 06, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Three times I have seen a Jim Himes campaign commercial with his daughter stating that he reads every bill before he votes on them. Sorry Jim , you and I both know no one read the health care bill before voting on it. You were instructed by your party leaders to pass the bill first so then you would get to know what's in it. If you have lied to me once, you have lied to me before and will try again.
MAC October 07, 2012 at 12:26 AM
Himes is a phony "moderate" who votes 94% of the time like a little Pelosi lapdog. (She gives him cover to vote differently once in awhile, when the outcome will not be changed by his vote anyway.) He has voted for ALL of the almost 6 TRILLION $$$ of Deficit Spending that must be paid back by younger and future generations!! Himes is an incompetent wannabe "career politician." Vote for Obsitnik, for a congressman who believes in the American people instead of BIG government and "Trickle down" Government-centered lives!! It will take new blood in Congress, like Obsitnik, Wayne Winsley (running to replace 22 yr. incumbent DeLauro) for real "hope" of returning to our former Prosperity. Steve says: ..."Together, we can restore Connecticut's and America's greatness. I know that with you, we will make a true difference here and in Washington and together we will restore our shared prosperity as a state and a nation. " http://www.obsitnik.com/ www.winsleyforcongress.org
KEVIN DILLON October 07, 2012 at 02:45 AM
It is laughable to call Himes bipartisan. He voted with the most partisan Congress headed by Nancy Pelosi and rammed through legislation that his own office now admits includes tax increases for those of all income levels. Not only is he a partisan, he signed off on the largest tax increase in American history through Obamacare, which according to CBO will be now be three times the proposed 900 billion, will not cover 30 million, will tax 50% more than anticipated jumping from 4 to 6 million and has over 20 tax increases in ACA. Well done Jim. Screw me once shame on you....
Anne F. October 11, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Lol...so Obsitnik gives you "hope"? Ummm...how exactly? He won't answer any questions, only gives vague responses, and seemingly has no real positions (seriously). I watched the debate last night. That's what this letter is about. Even the quote you provide is laughably free of any real policies. Himes deserves to be re-elected, and he will. And seriously, I am so so so SO sick of people, especially conservatives, complaining about the deficit. What do you think caused most of that 5 and a half trillion? Two expensive wars, and tax cuts that were couldn't afford forced onto us through Boehner and his obstructionist, filibuster- happy congress.
Fairfield Resident October 12, 2012 at 12:27 PM
" What do you think caused most of that 5 and a half trillion?" That's an easy one Anne......Obama caused it!


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