Letter: Coyner Wants Fairfield to be Place to 'Live, Work and Retire'

Kevin Coyner, a Democratic candidate for 132nd District, asks for your vote on Aug. 14.

Like you, I choose to live in Fairfield because of the outstanding quality of life. I plan to retire here one day. But given the stressful economic times, it has been increasing difficult for people of all ages to remain here. As your elected State Representative in Hartford, I will take an active role in helping to ease the tax burden and boost the economy for the people of our community. I believe that I have the knowledge and experience that is needed in Hartford and that I am the candidate who can best serve Fairfield during these challenging times.

I am uniquely qualified for the position having worked in both the private and public sector, plus having served in our nation's capitol, drafting and monitoring legislation for a U.S. Senator. I have worked in Japan to promote trade and tourism between Alaska and Asia. I have over fourteen years of experience in international finance with Morgan Stanley and Citibank. And today, I am helping others as a professional firefighter.

In the fall of 2011 the State Legislature passed a jobs bill, and this past spring made progress on the education front. But this is not yet enough. In order to move forward, we must make Fairfield, and the state of Connecticut, a growth leader with policies that will result in jobs for our people and an enhanced quality of life for all residents. We must balance government budgets while still providing exemplary education that leads to further job growth, affordable quality healthcare for all, and retirement security. We can do this. We have seen it done before in the 1990's when the economy was strong and government budgets actually turned to surplus.

We must strengthen the programs created in last year's jobs bill by broadening the definition of small business. We must provide adequate funding support for technology, engineering, precision manufacturing and green energy and we must provide the job skills and training that these new industries will demand.

A vibrant economy can only be sustained if there is a solid foundation of educated citizens throughout the state. We must continue to develop and improve our schools, supporting our teachers and administrators with a realistic evaluation system that is clear and fair, with early childhood education and strong family support.

We must also address the brain-drain that is increasingly impacting our State. I propose a college student loan program that provides loan forgiveness for every year that the student works in a 21st century job here in Connecticut following graduation.

High taxes are a problem for both homeowners and businesses.  They discourage new investment and make it difficult for our young adults and seniors to remain as residents. We need to develop a fair and effective system of real estate assessment. Property taxes should not force individuals, especially seniors, from their homes. Nor should high property taxes be a barrier to young adults trying to establish themselves as new homeowners.

Fairfield is a beach town, a college town and a family town. Fairfield has so much to offer all of us, but we need to do more. I want to improve services to senior citizens and seek funding for improvements in the Senior Center. I want to expand mass transportation and improve transportation options for seniors.  I want to invest in infrastructure projects for aging bridges and highways. I want to preserve neighborhoods, protect open space and explore options that will protect shoreline properties from storm impact.

It is my belief that all people deserve an effective, efficient and accountable government that consistently delivers high quality services. For this to happen, we need the right people in government.  People who are experienced, dedicated, creative and motivated to work hard for all the right reasons -- to make Fairfield and Connecticut one of the best places to live in the United States.

On August 14th I ask for your vote so that I can work to make Fairfield, and Connecticut, a place where we always want to live, work and retire.

Kevin Coyner
Democratic Candidate
State Representative, 132nd District

Bud Morten August 10, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Sounds great, but what services will you be cutting to pay for all those new initiatives while at the same time "easing the tax burden" in a state with the highest debt per capita in the nation, one of the highest combined state and local tax rates, massive unfunded pension and health benefits, and one of the lowest rankings as a good place to do business?
Bob MacGuffie August 10, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Simply an impossible, unrealistic list of dreams. That agenda will never balance, and will in fact sink us further into debt. Fairfielders deserve candidates with their heads at least focused in reality. This sounds like a pitch from the 1960s......
JimH August 10, 2012 at 01:25 PM
What I get out of this article is that growing government's role is the answer to all our woes. It doesn't seem to be working so far. How are we going to pay for all these wonderful things. I guess details don't matter.
Lenny Voros August 11, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Mr. Coyner is right when he says we need the right people in government. People who are experienced, dedicated, creative and motivated to work hard for all the right reasons. What he's missing is we already have that with our new Rep. Brenda Kupchick. I like her. She's a very hard worker and has dedicated herself to public service. Mr. coyner just moved to town and doesn't appear to have volunteered or dedicated himself to improving the town in any significant way. I think Representative Kupchick deserves to be re-elected. She did a good job fighting for us during her first term! Mr. coyner should start by running for a local board or serve helping a non-profit so he can learn more about Fairfield.
Chuck E. Arla August 13, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I agree that Mr. Coyner has a lengthy list of government is the answer platitudes....just like our President. Neither has a way to pay for it, balance the budget or curb out of control spending. By the way, Mr. Coyner, would you please advise your supporters that there's a reason your placards are called LAWN signs. They do NOT belong in the public right-of-way.
steve sheppard August 16, 2012 at 02:20 PM
No specific program reductions....no uncluttering of tax regulations.....no ambition to reduce the pension system problem. All I hear is a wish list of more spending programs......How about getting rid of the Fairfield SWAT team, $500,000 anti terror police boat, or getting rid of the Fairfield police armored assalt vehicle for starters. I would then move on to the BOE and have them combine some administrative duties with the Town's like combining payroll processing. So many things we should be doing.......


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