Letter: DeSanctis Known for 'Honesty, Integrity, Work Ethic'

Resident Erin Harrison French writes in her support of Chris DeSanctis to represent the 133rd District in Hartford.

To the Editor:

Fairfield is extremely fortunate to have three high-caliber individuals representing us in the state legislature: State Senator John McKinney, State Rep. Brenda Kupchick and State Rep. Tony Hwang have gone to bat for Fairfield time and time again. From neighborhood issues to taking a strong stance on the state budget, John, Brenda and Tony all deserve another term in office to continue to advocate for our community, pursue good government principles, and push for fiscal restraint during a prolonged economic recession.  

On the other hand, Kim Fawcett, who is also a state representative, has spent her time lately making false accusations against her opponent -- Chris DeSanctis. Chris is running for state representative in the 133rd District. I have known Chris and his family for many years. He is hard working, honest and tireless in his commitment to help the community.

By this point in the election season, most voters are disenchanted by the negative campaigning that undoubtedly accompanies every election. However, Ms. Fawcett has reached an all-time low with her false attacks against Chris, admonishing his religious beliefs and claiming that he is simply a puppet for the “Tea Party.” Recently, Ms. Fawcett distributed a mass political email employing a scare tactic and spewing lies with the goal of discrediting her opponent.

Full disclosure: I am secretary of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee. As a lifelong resident of Fairfield, I believe these sort of campaign maneuvers can only degrade our town and therefore have no place in our community. It mirrors the disgraceful inside-the-Beltway politics that slows down real progress from taking place and is exemplary of Ms. Fawcett’s true character.  She has crossed a line and now there is now turning back. Both Democrats and Republicans I know are disgusted with character assassinations that ultimately serve no one.

Yet, Ms. Fawcett seeks to serve herself in the hopes of getting your vote -- not based on her record -- but based on false accusations about her opponent. She should be ashamed to be part of a state delegation that works honestly and tirelessly for our community. Kim Fawcett has not earned another term in Hartford.

On Nov. 6, voters of the 133rd District will be given a choice: to re-elect a charlatan who spawns fictional characterizations in an attempt to win an election -- or to vote for a man known for his honesty, integrity and work ethic who would represent the district with integrity. I urge all voters to base their vote on factual information, not innuendo and mistruths spewed by a woman seemingly desperate to get re-elected.

On Nov. 6, please vote for Chris DeSanctis.


Erin Harrison French

Ffld Resident October 16, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Fairfield Tea Party proudly endorses Chris DeSanctis http://minutemannewscenter.com/articles/2010/05/12/fairfield/opinion/letters/doc4be31c4c0d803848946926.txt?viewmode=fullstory


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