Letter: 'DeSanctis Runs Away from the Issues'

Resident Philip Dwyer endorses Kim Fawcett for the 133rd District.

Dear Editor:

Like many Republicans running for office in Connecticut, Chris DeSanctis is running away from his Tea Party endorsement and his Tea Party focused stand on the issues. It is a time-tested trick. When you are on the wrong side of issues, you cherry pick certain facts, like selected attendance figures, and argue process. Connecticut voters are smarter than that. Let’s talk about issues.

Kim Fawcett is a Democrat, who is committed to serving all residents. Chris DeSanctis is a Republican, cross endorsed by the Tea Party and beholden to Grover Norquest’s “no compromise and take no prisoners” form of governing.

Kim Fawcett believes in a woman’s right to choose and to make medical decisions in consultation with her doctor. Chris DeSanctis is associated with the Family Institute and is against a women’s right to choose in all circumstances.

Kim Fawcett helped write Connecticut’s 2012 Education Reform Bill designed to strengthen public education. Chris DeSanctis’ website says he is an elementary school principal rather than more accurately defining himself as Headmaster of the private, Stamford-based, Grace Christian School. His website shows his top priority is to decimate public funding for education and divert money to private schools. 

Kim Fawcett has balanced meeting the needs of her constituents with the ability of citizens to afford state and local property taxes. Chris DeSanctis has signed Grover Norquest’s pledge to never work across party lines or compromise on the issue of taxes. Even Republican Senator John McKinney has refused to sign such a pledge, recognizing that elected officials must find workable solutions to difficult problems through reasonable debate and compromise. 

Kim Fawcett holds government officials accountable, but recognizes that government does perform a valuable service and helps citizens through time tested social networks. Chris DeSanctis, according to his web site, wants ALL government services to have two year sunset provisions.     

For the above, and many more reasons, I support re-electing Representative Kim Fawcett to serve all citizens in the 133rd District.

Philip Dwyer

Eliphaz October 09, 2012 at 02:53 PM
On top of the fact you can't even spell Elisabeth name correctly.
Eliphaz October 09, 2012 at 02:54 PM
My bad?? Fairfield Resident 9:16 am on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 The problem, Elizabeth, is that there is no "God".
Rick Fawcett October 09, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Well, I can write a few answers to these accusations and challenges: - I write on the blogs because it drives me crazy how things are misrepresented and attacking of my wife. My wife does not reply on it because she feels, probably correctly, that these forums quickly degrade into name calling, false statements and lots of tangents. Case in point: When Fairfield Resident decided to say that Kim would be a poor representative because of a horrible car accident she was in that almost killed my 10-year old daughter (at the time)... Not a good forum for discussion. - I have never written a single letter to the editor, for myself or anyone else. I do intend to write one soon, though. Can't wait to see the comments on that one! :)
Diane S. October 09, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I reported the car accident to the editor and had it removed that was disgusting to be posted and a tradgedy for your family Im sure. But Rick the record is the record and those are facts
Rick Fawcett October 09, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Diane: Thank you for doing that. Kim definitely stands by her record quite confidently. The car accident happened. That is certainly a fact, too. No argument on that, either. I am just answering the question why she doesn't spend her time on these forums to get her message out. They quickly move into all sorts of places, appropriate and not so appropriate, which causes her to focus her time in other formats - talking to constituents, talking to other legislators, attending the gazillion of meetings in town and in Hartford, building a Web site that is as thorough as possible (compare hers to her competitors), updating blogs and Facebook with relevant information, etc. That's why I think the whole "she doesn't work hard" or, even your contention, that she's out having cocktails, is offensive to me. She actually represents you quite actively and I don't believe her opponent can keep up while also managing a full-time job and raising kids.


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