Letter: Fawcett Responds to RTC Chair's Release

The following is a response from State Rep. Kim Fawcett.

What's Chris DeSanctis hiding from, and why won’t he speak for himself. DeSanctis has been “proudly endorsed” by the Tea Party, whose policies are both radical and misaligned with Fairfield voters.

The proof Mr. Millington is looking for regarding DeSanctis’s education policies is right there on his website -- or at least it was until just recently. It’s interesting that within 48 hours of our questioning DeSanctis’s position on education, edits were made to the DeSanctis website. So again, what’s DeSanctis hiding and why won’t he explain to voters what percentage of the funds that currently go to Fairfield public schools he would divert elsewhere? Voters certainly deserve to know.

It should be interesting and noteworthy for Fairfield voters to take notice of the changes in the before and after versions of the Desanctis policy positions. First he is for diverting money from public to private schools and “increasing school choice” for parents, and then just days after we highlighted his position he changed his mind.

Here’s what the DeSanctis education page says now … http://chrisdesanctis.com/the-issues/education/

Here’s what it said just a few days ago, as recorded by Project Vote Smart … http://votesmart.org/public-statement/732009/issue-position-improving-education#.UHbFUy7A_44

Will DeSanctis vote to cut your education funding? Well, let's go by what he's done so far. During his one year as a Fairfield Representative Town Meeting member, he voted to cut $800,000 from the education budget, forcing cuts to foreign language, music and sports programs. Mr. Millington simply needs to refer to the RTM meeting minutes for May 2011 to remind himself of the DeSanctis stand on education funding and cuts.

And teachers should also beware. In a 2011 op-ed written by Mr. DeSanctis, he highlights his positions on public school teachers. He writes: "Connecticut and schools nationally need to drop teacher tenure in favor of a merit pay system."  http://articles.courant.com/2011-07-23/news/hc-op-desanctis-merit-pay-teachers-0720110723_1_high-performing-teachers-teacher-tenure-bad-teachers

Bob MacGuffie October 19, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Hey, Kim raised Fairfield school funding to attack CD. Maybe Kim wants to target DeSanctis’ elementary school again, and his religion, and the parents and children of his school. She is not only irrational, but not deserving of the office she holds. For someone who goes on the state house floor to defend and vote for a bill (Bathroom Bill 2011; PS 11-55) that allows men dressed as women to teach in our elementary schools and use women’s public facilities in malls and locker rooms, I’m not sure how Kim has any standing to be talking about our public schools. But at least she showed up to vote that day........
OneFairfield October 19, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Bud Morton doesn't even live in her district.
Jack Turrance October 20, 2012 at 01:44 AM
I only wish Kim Fawcett would talk about her voting record and make it known why she didn't go to work for us the day the House voting on the dealth penalty repeal. All our other reps did.
Rick Fawcett October 20, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Hmm. A quick look up of the registered voters of Fairfield shows that there isn't a registered voter named Jack Turrance in town... Another alias of someone writing on behalf of Kim's opponent? Why the alias I wonder? Anyways, Kim was in Ecuador on a school-sponsored trip with our 14-year old when this vote took place. She had voted on it twice before. Her position is very much on the record and the vote wasn't close, so her vote wouldn't have had any impact on the outcome. Same answer as always... You can learn more about Kim's positions on her Web site: http://www.kimfawcett.com
steve sheppard October 25, 2012 at 04:11 PM
I want to hear some solid proposals from Kim or Chris. Instead of granting special tax credits for Bridgewater and others that our tax dollars pay for I would bet if CT had no income tax business would flock to CT. There would be no need for special tax credits and the State would collect more revenue. Also I see no mention of pension reform, no mention that CT is one of the worst ranked States for retirement, no mention of regulatory reform, no mention of eliminating the property tax on cars and boats, in a nutshell all I hear is nonsense from candidates while my property taxes have almost tripled in a dozen years.


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