Letter: 'On Nov. 6, Please Vote for Chris DeSanctis'

Letter-writer gives her support to the Republican candidate for the 133rd District.

Dear Editor:

Earlier this year when State Representative Kim Fawcett announced her candidacy for re-election for her fourth term, she claimed in a press release that she is proud of her record as an “independent, results-oriented leader” (Fairfield Citizen News, March 1, 2012). However Ms. Fawcett’s record shows something strikingly different as her voting record shows she has voted lockstep with the Democratic majority. According to House documents, Fawcett’s 2011 House voting record shows she voted 352 times, 97 percent with the Democratic majority.

In addition to being all talk when it comes to being “independent,” Ms. Fawcett also has a knack for missing votes on key bills. Ms. Fawcett was absent for a major vote in this past term including the repeal on the state death penalty, which was a controversial measure and a major change of policy in Connecticut. She was also absent for the paid sick leave bill, and chose not to vote on this anti-business bill that encourage employers to lay off workers to get under the 50-person mark.

During these unconventional times where a prolonged economic recession continues to adversely affect Connecticut families, we need a tried and true leader who will put politics aside to fight for us and to be our advocate in Hartford. That’s why we need Chris DeSanctis as the next state representative in the 133rd District. Fairfield doesn’t need an absentee legislator who has fictionally spun herself as an advocate for the people. We need someone who will go to work for us, both literally and figuratively, and someone who is not afraid to take a stance.

On Nov. 6, please vote for Chris DeSanctis.


Danielle Mancini


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