Letter: Please Vote for Steve Obsitnik

Southport resident James Bohan writes in his support of Steve Obsitnik.

No one can deny the need to improve American medical care. The head of the Mayo Clinic reports that were the aviation industry run like US medical care, a large airliner would crash every fourth day. But HR 3962, the Affordable Care Act, is not the solution. The US Constitution runs about 4,000 words. HR 3962 runs about 300,000 words. Many of those words refer to other statutes in an arrogantly bewildering legislative structure of subtlely interlocking commitments and rewards. Jim Himes voted for this thing. Nancy Pelosi told us, and presumably Jim, to “read it after we pass it.”

No exclusion for prior conditions and coverage of offspring through age 26 are two good features of the bill. No one’s elected me a legislator yet, but I suspect I could express those two good features in maybe 1,000 words of simple declarative sentences. That leaves 299,000 words for Nancy and Jim to explain. I’d rather not wait. For this as just one of many reasons I am most enthusiastically supporting and voting for Steve Obsitnik for the 4th Congressional District of Connecticut.

Grandson and son of WWII immigrants, Steve is an electrical engineer with a Wharton MBA who, like his father, graduated from Annapolis. He served in US Navy submarines, and succeeded in the Silicon Valley telecommunications technology business. He is a successful leader with people skills and real-world credentials supported by simple, unforgiving, but rewarding laws of physics. And he’s a university level educator. Who better to help apply the innate power of this nation to start to resolve our problems!

Enough of the unfortunate alternative! Please vote for Steve Obsitnik. If you do, there’s a bonus. In the likely event the Presidential election goes to the HR, wouldn’t you rather have Steve than the alternative casting our part of Connecticut’s vote? .

Jim Bohan, Southport

Chuck E. Arla October 12, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Heard him speak a few weeks ago at the Commodore John Barry (Father of the U.S. Navy) commemoration on Perry Green at Southport Harbor. Solid grounding from the US Naval Academy, active service and an entrpreneurial business career. Good man. A clear choice vs. ex Wall Streeter Rep. Himes. GO NAVY.
KEVIN DILLON October 12, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Very well said Jim. Additionally, contrary to dozens of promises by Obama/Himes, the ACA includes over 20 tax increases, many of which will hit the middle class. Employers will be dropping coverages and therefore there is no way to guarantee you will keep your own doctor as doctors across this country are no longer accepting government run plans as they do not pay nearly enough for these practices to stay open. Another huge problem are illegal immigrants. They comprise a large portion of the uninsured, roughly 11 million. Yet they are not addressed in ACA. They will continue to use emergency rooms as their primary source of care while ACA cuts in half 20 billion to 10 billion, aid to hospitals. Why go through the pains of a complete overhaul of our health care system to address maybe 25 million uninsured when almost half of them are exempt from the law? The act was a disaster in how it was produced so it comes as no surprise that the final product is a disaster that is still viewed negatively by in excess of 54% of the country who want it repealed compared to only 39% who support it. Jim Himes is part of the 39%. Come November he should join another group that is often cited in the news, the unemployed.


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