Letter: 'Remember These Selfless Acts of Courage'

Resident Jim Gallagher praises the work of Fairfield's public employees -- including emergency responders and public works personnel -- before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy.

Although many will suffer the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy for a long time, the brunt of the storm is now over.

I want to take a moment to thank those who selflessly worked on our behalf to do their best to provide safety and assistance during this terrifying event. Most everyone knows that a firefighter in Easton gave his life to protect others and Police, Firefighters, Emergency Responders, and their dispatchers throughout the county worked tirelessly and with no concern for their own safety during overwhelming conditions.

I was very grateful for the efforts of every member of our Public Works Department. Each one of these guys responded to the call and did a masterful job of clearing roads, cutting trees, and reducing water levels in neighborhoods. These men often risked their lives during the height of the storm and plodded through heavily flooded roads and tangles of trees and wires.

It is an insult to any of these dedicated men and women to compare them with the private sector. Most members of the private sector weathered the storm with their families and were there to protect them. Our public sector workers had to leave their families at home to fend for themselves and many went for days with no communication with them.

I hope our citizens and representatives will remember these selfless acts of courage and the immediate response to tphe call of duty by all of these public employees when it is time to pay them fairly.

Jim Gallagher


Andrew Sims November 26, 2012 at 11:10 AM
Thank you Jim for your kind words. But in truth they won't remember, in fact what they will say is, "they don't have to do that job, they choose to do it" Town folks here in Fairfield are looking to cut benefits, pay and pensions for our town employees across the board. But thanks again for your kind letter.
Jim Eastwood November 26, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Jim an Andrew You are CORRECT !!! The Lt. In Easton (A Volunteer) was the ONLY First responder to Give his life during the Storm. Thanks to the DPW Guys who worked tirelessly during the storm and the days after. As for the First responders(who worked 6-7 days 18 on 6 off) MANY returned Home to find heir own homes damaged or destroyed.--I Know several -- As for the FD guys ----Many do not realize that many from the Upper part od the State responded in an organized fashion to help Fairfield County--They left their homes for sveral days--The first Engine company in to help the Easton guys was from New Britian ct--And the Volunteers from all over the Stae that spent the next week in Fairfield providing Water Tanker coverage for the Beach. And of course the Power Company Crews (I met 22 states and Two provinces in Canada_ How about their families. And the Numerous Volunteer services in cluding the CERT Teams, Red Cross, Shelter Management teams, EOC operators and Emergency managers??? Money and Benefits aren't everything--Hours and Hours of Training is !! NO ONE in Town was killed or even Injuried !!! Thanks to their efforts. Let's No forget the 3 %(first responders and dedicated State and Local employees ) wh care about the 97 % of the rest of the Community Stay Safe and NEVER FORGET !!!


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