Letter: Vote for 'Full-time' Representative Kim Fawcett

Ellery Plotkin, Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, writes, 'If you know Kim Fawcett, you know that she is dedicated to her service as a legislator.'

Dear Editor:

The 2012 campaign season in Fairfield has turned ugly due to supporters of Kim Fawcett's opponent, a Tea Party endorsed candidate, feeding slanted information for political gain. The attack on Kim's subcommittee and public hearing record of attendance conveniently leaves out her attendance on the floor of the House itself. Over the first 5 years of her tenure, Representative Fawcett's attendance stands at 94.5%! Hardly a statistic her opponent wishes to share. Fortunately the people of Fairfield are intelligent enough not to fall for DeSanctis' political trickery.

If you know Kim Fawcett,  you of course know that she is dedicated to her service as a legislator. She goes beyond what is expected of her in representing her district, and this Town that she loves. She is personally available to anyone who needs her help, including "in person" meetings. She attends  hundreds of community meetings, forums, special events, and municipal board and commission meetings as well. Recently she hosted a forum on affordable housing at Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Stratfield Rd., for example.

Kim's job as a State legislator is full-time, because she is working non-stop for all of us, and puts in the hours to show for it. Her opponent, Mr. DeSanctis, works full time as a  private school administrator in Stamford. In a Minuteman piece just recently, he stated that he could do the job in Hartford because being a state rep is "part time", consisting of only 3 months or 5 months out of the year.  That means he has little time for attending any committee meetings or public hearings at all, he will not be accessible to the people of Fairfield -- when he's not in Hartford, he will be working in Stamford, after all. 

So I invite you to consider the alternative in this election, between Fulltime Representative Fawcett and challenger Tea Party endorsed Chris DeSanctis, who promises to represent his district and town, only part time -- a sorry statement, to say the least.

Besides offering to work only part time, DeSanctis is endorsed by the Tea Party. He will not work with Democrats, perpetuating political gridlock that we all abhor. The Tea Party, as we know, stands for far right views such as opposing a woman's right to choose and to decimate public funding by diverting funds to private schools. How foreign are these views to the people of Fairfield.

Don't fall for political trickery. Kim Fawcett does not have to explain her numbers attendance in any particular venue when she is 100% of her time in the arena for all of us. Vote for fulltime Representative Kim Fawcett. 


Ellery Plotkin

Chairman, Fairfield Democratic Town Committee

Bud Morten October 14, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Does Mr. Plotkin really believe that: 1. We should not elect anyone who has a job, like the vast majority of current Assembly members, every one of whom “represent[s] his district and town only part-time,” which is “a sorry statement, to say the least”? And, does it not follow that we should not elect candidates who are married, have children or other family obligations? If so, what are we to think about his candidate’s recent excuse for missing a key vote in Hartford: “My husband travels and I have three school age children at home and I was not able to arrange for child care for them on this evening”? 2. We should simply presume that the candidate with fewest other obligations or who works closest to home is best, and ignore an incumbent’s record of diligence (or lack thereof) and achievement (or lack thereof) on the issues most important to us, and a challenger’s qualifications and platform? 3. It is “ugly” and “political trickery” for the voters to question why one of their representatives has attended less than half of her committee meetings and public hearings, and that she "does not have to explain her . . . attendance [or lack thereof] in any particular venue”? 4. Every candidate should be held accountable for the views of every person or organization that endorses his candidacy? 5. It is perfectly fine for the leader of one of Fairfield’s major parties to make unsupportable accusations about candidates of the other party?
Bob MacGuffie October 14, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Ellery - All you Dem leaders take your cue from your Party's coordinators, N. Pelosi, D. Wasserman-Schultz, S. Israel. You NEVER state your governing philosophy, nor your solutions to CT's fiscal problems. The Dem gameplan is to disparage Republicans, misrepresent their positions, and invoke scare statements. Your Party is bankrupt of ideas and those you implemented are abysmal failures now requiring clean-up. CT is on the doorstep of bankruptcy. There's no more "other people's money" left for your social-engineering pipe-dreams. We're broke and your Party, from the governor on down, refuses to recognize this reality. We're the highest taxed state and a candidate pledging not to tax us any further is what we need - not a Kim Fawcett who denies reality. Newsflash - there's nothing extreme about balancing a budget. As for working with the other side of the aisle, Republicans have done that for decades and it has delivered the current dire condition of our municipalities, state and nation. How about the Dems face up to it and compromise with Republicans for a change? Chris DeSanctis seeks more choice and teacher accountability in the school system. Your characterization of his position on education is a falsehood, and is no defense of Kim Fawcett's very poor attendance record at her committee hearings. This year the choice in the 133rd is clear. Vote for and elect Chris DeSanctis to bring some sanity and reason to a CT Assembly spending the state into bankruptcy.
David Thornton October 14, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Liked the article in the Ffld minuteman last week with interviews with Ms.Fawcett and Mr DeSanxris.I was struck by her quote that in all of her years "interacting with educators that she never met a bad Teacher".What planet is Ms Fawcett inhabiting.Over the years I've taught classes and met with my childrens teachers during open houses etc. and let me clue Ms. Facett she are more than a few real High paid slackjaws learning our children and administering the schools.But they vote so I guess that is the qualifying criterior.At least Mr DeSanctis had the honestly to at least acknowledge there are some personnel in our educational industry who are drawing paychecks for just drawing breath.Kind of like the legislature.


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