Letter: 'We Need More People Like Kim Fawcett Representing Us'

Fairfield resident Rima Bishuti recounts her family's experience with State Rep. Kim Fawcett.

[Editor's note: All emphasized and/or italicized text in the below letter was done by the letter-writer.]

Dear Editor:  

I would like to write a note about our family’s experience with Kim Fawcett, the state representative for Fairfield in Hartford. I feel  that I need to do this because there has been a very vicious campaign against her.

My family and I have lived in Fairfield for over 15 years now. Our older daughter Rhea has autism and that presents us with immense challenges that an average family may not face. Challenges mean obstacles, which mean struggles and which can mean conflicts. Throughout the years and since autism challenges cannot be easy to overcome, we have reached out to many organizations and individuals whom we believed could assist us. Some have been responsive and some have not been so responsive. Kim Fawcett has stood out among those people as extremely understanding and eager to help.

Our daughter’s autism precludes her from participating and taking advantage of the many amenities that our town offers. Instead, we were able to locate a state owned facility in another town, for special needs individuals. We were told that our daughter could not attend this facility. We tried to no avail, they just would not let her use it.

When I called Kim and presented her with our issue, she came to meet with us and with our daughter. She took our issue very seriously and listened very attentively. She wrote down all the names and took all the information. She got to work the same day and emailed the people involved and the issue was resolved in hours and my daughter was allowed to use the facilities the next day. Of course, I cannot tell you how happy it made her and how much she has enjoyed going there over the years...

First of all, since when does a state representative physically come to your house when you need them to and especially, since when does a state representative take notes about what the issue is. In all my years of struggles and conflicts, I had never seen anyone like Kim Fawcett. I guess what was amazing was, how serious she was in her job and how she really did not have an agenda. SHE SIMPLY WANTED TO HELP AND DO HER JOB, BECAUSE SHE CARES!!!!

I hope you will read my letter and see how when my family needed help and we reached out for help, KIM FAWCETT helped and did her best and took my family’s issues seriously. She did not care or worry that this is not really going to put her in the spotlight or it was not going to bring her hundreds of votes. She was there to help my daughter who was being discriminated against and she did not allow it.

Thank you Kim, for all your years of service to our community and best wishes for the future. We need more people like Kim Fawcett representing us and working for us. KIM cares.

Rima Bishuti


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