'Why Do We Even Use Grades Anyways?'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

FAIRFIELD: “Republicans care more about puppies than they do poor people. Good to know.” Two Republican state legislators spoke in that bans pet shops from selling animals obtained in ‘puppy mills.’ Reader doesn’t think too highly of the GOP. 

SHELTON: “Why do we even use grades anyways? In the real world, and in most college classes, evaluation is simply feedback. If kids weren't so discouraged by getting bad grades, they might have the confidence to actually take an interest in what they're learning. Engagement is more important than some arbitrary number.” Shelton is thinking of putting in a new grading policy for students that would . thinks the whole grading system is outdated. 

DARIEN: “Hey, it's cash out financing for towns! The tooth fairy kicker makes borrowing so easy and fun that we should could borrow and spend ourselves very rich if we just do it every year for increasing amounts! And guess what? There are giant fees imbedded in this financing and the ‘gift’ or free lunch isn't actually free. The headline should be, Darien spends 14 million it doesn't have.” The town was the recipient of , but  thinks there needs to be more scrutiny.

WILTON: “Brick and mortar businesses are understandably concerned about fair markets. But just like mail-order products, we must consider that the business model is different so having an "equal" situation regarding taxes may not be the same as having a "fair" situation. Additionally, downloads are a different product than retail goods or services. There are different costs and models for building server infrastructure which may reside out of state or overseas than for pressing DVDs and shipping them to a retail site. Still, the same software may be there in the end. Not easy to resolve. But complex enough to not rush in.” The state is considering a , and takes a nuanced approach to the proposal.


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