$650 in Panties Stolen from Victoria's Secret

This is the second time in less than a month that such a theft occurred at the store.

The manager of Victoria’s Secret on the Post Road reported to police on Thursday that an entire display of panties were stolen something that evening.


According to the police report, 65 panties were swiped from a display near the front of the store while the manager and other employees were busy with customers. The loss totals approximately $650, department spokesperson Lt. James Perez said.

Police believe that there may have been at least three people involved in the theft. Perez said groups of “professional thieves” coming from places like New York strategize to pull of large thefts like this one.

The store manager couldn’t provide a description for the suspect who took the panties, but described a woman who may have been distracting her at the counter while the theft occurred, Perez said.

The suspected distractor was a black female with curly hair, about 5-foot-9, who was carrying a large black quilted bag with a floral design and had a Bluetooth earpiece (an important detail, Perez noted).

Police are awaiting video surveillance from the store. This is under investigation.  

BobRyffel June 11, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Has anyone ever seen a police foot patrol there? I mean recently, like since 1968. When criminals rob businesses that are within eyesight of the police station, you know there's something wrong.


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