Fairfield Flood Brings Three Dogs to Monroe's Shelter

Monroe joined other area towns in taking in 14 displaced dogs after Hurricane Sandy flooded out the Fairfield Animal Shelter.

Heavy rain from Hurricane Sandy caused flood waters to roll over Fairfield's beach area and the town animal shelter was among the buildings and homes sustaining serious damage. The facility's 14 impounded dogs had to be moved to an emergency shelter before being taken in by pounds in the region, where the animals will stay until damage to Fairfield's shelter can be assessed.

Dogs were brought to pounds in Easton, New Canaan, Weston and Monroe, which is caring for three pit bulls at its shelter on Purdy Hill Road (See the photos).

Monroe's new tenants moved in on Tuesday.

An Abandoned Dog

The Monroe Animal Shelter also took in a beagle terrier mix on Monday after trapping it on the Paugussett Trail at Barn Hill Road Extension over the weekend.

Risko said animal control received several complaints on Saturday after the small brown and white dog was abandoned by the river on Barn Hill Road.

While trying to find its owners, Risko said the dog continued searching by looking at cars -- putting itself in danger by standing in the road. The dog was fearful of strangers and would not approach, keeping her distance.

A live trap was set and baited in the area on Saturday and checked over the weekend, according to Risko. Then it was moved to a second location on Sunday and the dog was captured by 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Risko said the dog was removed and impounded, adding police still don't know who its owner is.

Fairfield Old Timer November 07, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Who is the Brain Surgeon that approved the building of our new multi-million dollar Animal Shelter in a flood zone that is now ruined!? Was it Richard White (DPW Director)??? Does anyone in this town's administration have a clue?


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