Fairfield's Bravest Respond to Lightning Strike

Fairfield Fire Departments establish safety at a Surrey Lane residence after a lightning strike.

The Fairfield Fire Department issued the following press release:

At 11:24am on Thursday morning, the Fairfield Emergency Communications Center received a report of a lightning strike at 360 Surrey Lane. The strike caused a tree to fall into the homeowner's garage.

The Fairfield Fire Department responded with Companies 1, 2, 3 and 5, with Car 3 onscene at 11:26, confirming the strike and fallen tree, with no injuries to building occupants. Further investigation found no fire in the structure.

Fire personnel secured the utilities and notified the Fairfield Building Official, Tom Conley, who arrived onscene shortly after noon.

“The family was very fortunate that they were not in the area of structural collapse from the tree,” said Fairfield Fire Assistant Chief Schuyler Sherwood, the Incident Commander. “They made the critical decision to activate the 911 system immediately which got us here in a matter of minutes.”

Fire and Building Officials remain on scene at this time.


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