HazMat, Firefighters Stop Leaking Propane Tank in Fairfield

Hazmat Technicians burn off propane with a flare tower. Credit: FF Corey Gripp
Hazmat Technicians burn off propane with a flare tower. Credit: FF Corey Gripp

A 100-pound propane tank was found leaking behind a Longfellow Avenue residence Monday.

No injuries were sustained and there was no immediate explosion hazard, but positive gas readings could be made from several feet away from the tank and a controlled burn was needed to eliminate the leaking propane, according to fire personnel.

According to Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir, the fire department received a call from a Southern Connecticut Gas Company employee shortly before 4:30 p.m. who reported the leaking tank and positive gas readings. Firefighters determined the propane tank was full and the bottom of the tank was leaking due to poor condition and rust. 

The department determined it could safely burn off the propane gas and relive the remaining pressure by conducting a controlled burn in the middle of Castle Avenue with HAZMAT technicians and police on scene. HAZMAT technicians were able to burn off the propane, rendering the tank safe, using a device called a “flare tower”. 

“If property owners suspect that a propane tank may be in poor condition they should contact their propane supplier, and have them perform an inspection of the tank; additionally, whenever a resident smells an odor of gas he or she should call 911,” said Kalapir. 


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