Home Burglarized, Flooded in Fairfield

A home on Fairway Green in Fairfield was burglarized and the first floor of the home was flooded sometime between Friday, Jan. 10 and Saturday, Jan. 11.

According to police, someone forced open a rear patio door of the home and stole copper piping, an air conditioner unit, a flat screen television and jewelry.

The piping for the lower level of the home was removed, forcing the home to flood and causing over $10,000 worth of damage, according to police.

A neighbor saw two Hispanic males, which they believed to be maintenance workers, walking around the house on Jan. 9. Some evidence was recovered at the scene, according to police. 

Creeky January 14, 2014 at 09:00 AM
I'm no longer going to complain about the police department's budget. While I still believe our force has a scary proportion of staff with anger management issues and a complete lack of emotional management, and they'd be infinity more palatable, and most of all, effective, if they would see the population as their partners and stop trying to intimidate, and escalate every situation rather than de-escalate, I'll take more detectives and more patrols. The only solution to all these home robberies is for the word to get out, Rob a house in Fairfield and you will get caught. Also, as a contractor, I'm happy to talk to the police, produce proof of identity and insurance, and explain my presence. Neighbors, if you see someone at your neighbors home and they aren't home, call the cops. Further, get your neighbors phone numbers and give them yours. A quick text is so little effort to verify that a contractor should be at the house.
Igor January 14, 2014 at 12:24 PM
All good ideas


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