Hospital Bed Found in Woods Bordering Wakeman Lane

Police believe the bed may have been used as a film prop.

A hospital bed surrounded by saline bags and other medical equipment was found in the Sasco Creek-Kirik Open Space in Southport on Sunday, police said.

According to the report, the complainant's son was walking his dog in the woods near their Wakeman Lane home when he spotted the bed and the medical supplies. The bed appeared to be new, according to the complainant. She told police she works in the medical field and noticed the saline bags strewn over and around the bed.

She added that her husband had walked through that area of the woods six weeks before and the bed was not there.

An officer responded to the call and located the bed, which was situated about 200 yards into the woods and could be seen from the bridge on Wakeman Lane. According to the report, it's a semi-electric homecare bed. A sticker with the name "Advanced Medical Supplies," an Ansonia-based company, was stuck to the bed, department spokesperson Lt. James Perez said.

When the officer returned to police headquarters, he learned that a week before, a man came in to report that there were kids who appeared to be making a movie in the woods with the hospital bed. According to that complainant, he told the kids to get out of the woods and one of the young movie-maker's mother engaged in a verbal argument with the man, Perez said.

Police also learned that about a month ago, a film crew (the report did not contain details about the crew members' ages) was filming in the woods and that a Wakeman Lane resident is involved with a production company. Police were unable to make contact with the resident at the time of the report.

The saline bags were discarded, Perez said. This is under investigation.


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