Increase in Car Break-Ins, Burglaries in Stratfield Neighborhood

Police are investigating.

Police are investigating a series of burglaries, larcenies from cars and garages, car break-ins and vandalism, and one stolen car -- all of which occurred in the past few days.

A Grace Street resident reported to police Wednesday that he awoke to find a stepladder had been placed under the first floor window of the residence. It appeared suspects entered the home through the window while the residents were sleeping.

An iTouch, iHome, a pack of cigarettes, and a pocketbook containing cash, credit cards, and personal papers were stolen. Police believe the suspects left through the kitchen door.


A Knapps Highway resident reported to police Tuesday that his home had been burgled.

According to the report, the complainant arrived home to find jewelry and other items were taken and someone had entered through an unlocked window.

Three iPods totaling $300, a Playstation console ($350), a Playstation game ($60) and $665 worth of jewelry were reported stolen, police said.

Police conducted a neighborhood canvas; one neighbor reported seeing a suspicious maroon minivan parked at the complainant's home that afternoon.


Employees at on Kings Highway East reported an attempted burglary to police on Tuesday. Someone broke the window in an attempt to get inside, but nothing was reported missing.


A Tunxis Hill Road resident reported to police Tuesday that the rear lock of his work van was punctured, resulting in $100 in damage. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle.


On Stratfield Road, the window of a resident's Yukon GNC Denali was smashed sometime overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, causing $300 in damage, but nothing was reported stolen.


Another Stratfield Road resident reported to police early Wednesday that a bicycle was stolen from the garage, which was open. The bike was recovered behind a chain link fence on Euclid Avenue.


A third Stratfield Road resident reported to police Wednesday the theft of a vehicle from his driveway. According to the report, the thief entered the resident's Jeep Wrangler and took a set of keys belonging to the complainant's Toyota Camry, which was stolen overnight.


On Edgewood Place, a resident reported to police that his vehicle was broken into sometime overnight Tuesday in Wednesday and a workbag was stolen.


Other streets that were hit include Brooklawn Terrace, Merritt Street, Homeland Street, Brookridge Avenue, Windermere Street, Castle Avenue, Farmington Avenue, Moody Drive, Lewis Drive, and Knapps Highway.

See the attached map to determine where in Fairfield this spree occurred.

Pi September 06, 2012 at 12:47 PM
This is getting out of hand. Either a robber or a victim is going to get killed eventually.
The D September 07, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Not to split hairs, but these were pretty well split between Stratfield and Tunxis Hill. Either way, it's a definite problem for both neighborhoods and needs to be addressed.
BornInTheUSA September 15, 2012 at 10:26 PM
time for some profiling...


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