Man Crashes Block Party Via Car

An elderly driver did not wish to heed the 'Road Closed' sign, police said, and instead drove through a block party on Glen Arden Drive.

An elderly man received a warning from police Sunday after he allegedly drove through a Glen Arden Drive block party and hit a man, .

According to the complainant, who was attending the block party, a pickup truck was blocking the entrance to Glen Arden Drive with a sign that read "Block Party: Road Closed."

The driver, however, told police he did not think the sign was official and avoiding Glen Arden Drive would have inconvenienced him. He turned onto the street from Osborn Hill Road and drove through the party.

The block party guest said he dropped the refreshments he was holding when he waved his arms at the driver to get him to stop. The man believes his knee was struck by the car as it rolled through and he jumped out of the way. The guest did not request medical assistance.

The driver told police the man threw an alcoholic beverage on his car and pounded the vehicle with his fists. He was issued a verbal warning.


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