Pizza Delivery Goes Awry at Fairfield U

Delivery boy's keys, GPS were stolen, police said.

[Incident information is supplied by the .]

A delivery man’s trip to to deliver a pizza went wrong early Saturday when his keys and GPS were stolen, police said.

The Domino’s employee was delivering a pizza to a student who lives in the Town House residential area, and left his car unlocked and running when he brought the pizza to the door, police said.

He returned to the car to find it turned off, the keys and GPS gone, according to the report. The GPS was worth $100, department spokesperson Sgt. Sue Lussier said.


Police investigated an attempted use of a fake driver’s license to procure alcohol, police said. The incident occurred on Friday.

A cashier at said a female attempted to use a Rhode Island driver’s license that didn’t match the store’s example of the state’s license. When questioned, the girl produced a ID, which doesn’t include a birth date, and then left the store, leaving the license behind, police said.

Fairfield police contacted SHU public safety and were able to track down the student, who said she came to headquarters and said she obtained the license through a website.

The manager at Mo’s did not request an arrest, Lussier said.


A resident at reported to police on Saturday that someone stole cash right out of his pocket.

According to the police report, a middle-aged black female dressed in black and donning dreadlocks entered the man’s room while he was in bed, reached into his pants pocket, removed his wallet, and took $50 in cash.

This is under investigation.


A Homeland Street resident reported that all four tires on his Toyota RAV-4 were swiped sometime between Saturday night and 8 a.m. on Sunday, police said.

The resident found his car propped on blocks in his driveway, according to the report. The tires were valued at a total of $4,000. This is under investigation.


A construction trailer parked in the vacant lot next to the Kings Highway Cutoff was broken into, according to a report made to police on Friday.

According to police, $1,700 worth of items was stolen from the trailer, which was locked. It appears the culprits brought their own tools to break the chain that locked the trailer door, Lussier said.

This is under investigation.


Police are looking for a man who allegedly walked out of Stop & Shop on Kings Highway Cutoff without paying for $27.99 worth of razors and shaving cream, police said.

The man, who police described as a black male wearing a black hat, black and white jacket, and blue jeans, left the store on foot in the direction of , according to the report.


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