Police Continue to Investigate Stamford Connection to Greenwich Shooting

Stamford Police said two previous incidents over the weekend and a connection to the Haitian community have them digging for answers.

Stamford Police are looking at a connection between a shooting late Monday in Greenwich and two separate incidents over the two weekend days prior, Captain Richard Conklin said Wednesday.

Conklin identified a shooting Saturday night at Seaton Road and Revere Drive in Stamford and a shooting Sunday night on Lawn Avenue in Stamford as possible lead-ins to the Monday night incident in Greenwich.

In the Saturday incident, a man was shot three times in the buttocks and upper leg, Conklin said. He identified the victim in Saturday night's shooting as the person who threw the party where Darius Jones would be shot to death. Three others were also shot at the party.

On Sunday, a man unloading groceries with a one-year-old in the car was fired at approximately 15 times in what police believe to be a case of mistaken identity, according to Conklin. No one was injured in the second shooting, but four vehicles were struck by bullets, he said.

"There's very much a recipe for disaster there," said Conklin.

Conklin said the timeframe for all of the incidents present a strong reasoning for their belief the shootings might all be related. He also said there is strong reason to believe the shootings might be related to rivaling Haitian groups in the area. Conklin said many of the players and suspects in the case have had connections to the Haitian community in the area.

A Greenwich Police spokesman would not comment on the department's investigation of the Monday incident on Indian Field Road and Osceola Place.


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