Police Investigate Another Rash of Car Break-Ins, Thefts

Six cars were either broken into or were left unlocked and entered in the past few days, police said.

Police are investigating several reports of thefts from cars and car break-ins that occurred between last week and early Tuesday:

On Sunday, a Cascade Drive resident reported that her unlocked vehicle was entered sometime between Dec. 2 and Dec. 3. Costume jewelry, a purse and a wallet were stolen, according to the report. The wallet contained credit cards and bank checks.

The total value of the items missing was estimated at $300.


A Planet Fitness (111 Black Rock Turnpike) patron reported on Monday that the driver side window of her vehicle was smashed, and an iPhone and wallet were stolen from the car, police said.

The wallet contained $40 in cash, drivers license, credit cards, and gift cards, police said. Six small purchases from Carquest Auto Parts on Kings Highway were made on the card after it was stolen.


Police noticed the passenger window of another car in the gym lot had been smashed. The officer was unable to locate the owner to determine whether or not items were stolen.


Another complainant who parked in the Planet Fitness lot said the driver side window of his vehicle was smashed and glove compartment opened, but nothing was stolen.


An Algonquin Road resident reported Tuesday that his neighbor's car appeared to have been entered overnight. The trunk and front door were ajar and the car had been unlocked, police said. Nothing was taken.


An Old Oaks Road resident reported to police Tuesday that a small radio was taken from his unlocked car overnight.


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