Report of Balloons on Fire Sends Cops to Penfield Beach

And other weekend blotter news.

[Editor's Note: Incident information is supplied by the .]

Police were called to on Saturday for a report of flaming balloons being released into the air.

The balloons were part of a wedding ceremony. The participants agreed to not light up any more balloons.


Employees of on the Post Road reported to police on Friday that $400-$500 worth of bracelets were stolen.

Surveillance video revealed two white or Hispanic females took all the bracelets from a jewelry tray in the front of the store and placed them into their handbags, police said.

The women walked around the store for a few more minutes before leaving. This is under investigation.


A car break-in at was reported late Sunday. According to police, the driver’s side window of a silver Mazda parked in the theater’s garage was smashed and an iPod taken from inside the car.

The repairs are estimated to cost several hundred dollars, police said.


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