Several Thefts, Break-Ins in Fairfield Over Weekend

Police are investigating.

A Hunyadi Avenue resident reported to police late Friday that his residence had been broken into and items stolen, police said.

According to the report, the kitchen window had been cut and a screen protecting a sliding glass door had also been cut. It was unknown whether the kitchen window itself had been locked at the time of the break-in.

The hallway closet was ransacked and multiple pieces of jewelry, totaling $5,400, were missing.

This is under investigation.


A Pierce Street resident reported to police Friday that his mountain bike was stolen from the north side of the Fairfield Metro Center.

The suspect broke the lock securing the bike and left the lock behind, according to the report. The purple and white bike is valued at $50.


A Lakewood Drive resident reported to police Saturday that two large stone ornamental dogs were stolen from her front porch, police said.

The complainant believes the suspects are two teen females she knows. The getaway vehicle left tire tracks following the thefts.

No value was given for the stone dogs.


A manager at on Black Rock Turnpike reported to police Sunday that two black males shoplifted $445 worth of electronics from the store.

According to the report, one of the suspects talked to the manager while the other was walking around the store. She believes this was a distraction technique. The manager added one had styled his hair in long braids.

The suspects were wearing red shirts and flat-brimmed hat and reportedly had a magnetic key to disengage locks on the items shoplifted, police said.

The manager noticed as the two were leaving that one had a bulge under his shirt, police said. She confronted him and he dropped several memory cards before they fled the store.

The two managed to shoplift other items, including some headsets and an Otterbox case for an iPhone, according to the report.

This is under investigation.


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