Stamford Contractor Arrested for Scamming Fairfield Resident

'He tried to scam her in every way he could,' according to department spokesperson Sgt. Sue Lussier.

[Editor's note: The following arrest information was provided by the Fairfield Police Department. It does not indicate convictions.]

Stamford Contractor Scam

Stamford contractor Ralph D’Arinzo, 48, of 2020 Long Ridge Road in Stamford, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of larceny in the second degree after an investigation revealed D’Arinzo had reportedly scammed a Fairfield resident.

The victim, who had a house fire this past August, hired D’Arinzo for the work needed to repair her home after meeting him in Stamford, where the victim works, according to police.

The Fairfield resident reported that D’Arinzo gave her a $73,000 estimate for her home repairs, department spokesperson Sgt. Sue Lussier said. The victim told police in September that D’Arinzo never completed the work, didn’t return her phone calls, and failed to provide a materials list and an outlying plan for repairs, so she terminated her contract with him.

The department’s investigation revealed that D’Arinzo’s home improvement license had expired before he took on this job, Lussier said. He also failed to get the necessary Fairfield building permit and never finished the electrical wiring work needed after the fire -- which is very dangerous, Lussier added.

The investigation also discovered D’Arinzo’s invoices were fictional and never completed. He called the insurance company in an attempt to have the adjustor release funds to him, as well as tried to have the mortgage lender remove the victim’s name as payee for the claims and insert his instead, police said.

“He tried to scam her in every way he could,” Lussier said.

D’Arinzo was released on written promise to appear in court on Nov. 10.


Car Theft Turned Arrest

Christopher Dohme, 24, was arrested in court Tuesday on charges of burglary in the third degree and larceny in the sixth degree, police said. His address was not given in the report.

The original incident occurred in June of this year, Lussier said. Dohme was spotted reportedly rummaging through the interior of a victim’s BMW that was parked on the Post Road.

According to the report, Dohme took off after being spotted and police caught up with him in the nearby King’s Highway Cut Off Stop & Shop parking lot. Police found stolen rings and a cell phone on Dohme’s person from someone else’s property, and cigarettes from the BMW owner’s vehicle.

They applied for an arrest warrant and cuffed him in court Tuesday. He was held on a $5,000 and his court date was Tuesday.


Internet Scam

A Fairfield resident reported to police Tuesday that someone has been using her hold cell phone and has been billing her for charges made over the Internet, police said.

She said she had previously canceled her phone’s account, but was receiving charges from the company Spectrum Billing in California, according to Lussier.

This is under investigation.


Shoplifter at BJ’s

The manager of the BJ’s Wholesale on Black Rock Turnpike reported Tuesday a shopping incident that occurred the day before, according to police.

Two 40-inch Samsung LED televisions, valued t $1,000 each, were stolen, Lussier said. The video surveillance revealed a suspect who police believe has been involved in other acts of shoplifting.

Lussier described the suspect as a white male, 40-46 years old, with a medium, weighing about 200 pounds and dressed in a baseball cap, a white shirt, and jeans.


$2,700 in Possessions Gone After Mistywood Lane Burglary

A Mistywood Lane resident reported a home burglary that occurred sometime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

The resident came home to find two 42-inch flat screen TVs, each valued at $500, were gone, as well as two laptops  (valued at $300 and $400), a $400 watch, and a $1,000 Bose stereo system were missing.

This is under investigation.




Lisa February 10, 2013 at 12:53 AM
What a LOSER... Nice going Ralphie Boy!!! Your parents must be soooo PROUD of you too!!! Imagine just who your children and wife have been looking up to... NO MORE;( Hopfully you have screwed your last customer and your FRIENDS!!!! How about you make good on all your broken promises and PAY BACK those who you've borrowed from to... or should I say STOLEN from!! Sham on YOU!!!


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