Stratford Man Charged with DUI in Fairfield

And other arrests and reports from the Fairfield Police Department.

[Editor's Note: Arrest information is supplied by the . It does not indicate convictions.]

A Stratford man was charged Tuesday with driving under the influence in connection to a car accident that occurred in late May, police said.

Brian Dolyak, 19, of Oak Bluff Avenue in Stratford, told police he fell asleep while driving on the Post Road in Fairfield around 3 a.m. on May 28, causing the vehicle he was operating to strike a utility pole, parked car, building, and roll over onto its left side before coming to rest, police said.

Police said Dolyak was found shirtless and bleeding a short distance from his car, and reportedly failed a sobriety test on scene before being transported to Bridgeport Hospital for treatment.

Toxicology tests revealed that Dolyak had been over the legal blood alcohol content limit the night of his accident. Fairfield police applied for a warrant on June 6 and served it on Tuesday.

Dolyak was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence under the age of 21 and failure to drive right. He was released on a promise to appear in court on July 9.


A Bridgeport man was charged with conspiracy and criminal attempt to commit third-degree larceny Tuesday when he allegedly tried to steal a motorized scooter, police said.

Cesar Navarro, 19, was found by the scooter's owner reportedly attempting to cut the chain that was securing the scooter to a post. The owner told police that the scooter had broke down, so he chained it to a post along North Benson Road and went to get a friend to help. When the owner and his friend returned, they spotted Navarro and a juvenile attempting to take the scooter. They approached the two, who fled.

Police caught up with Navarro and the juvenile on Round Hill Road. The juvenile, a 16-year-old from Bridgeport, was arrested on the same charges as Navarro, police said.

Navarro was held in lieu of a $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 9. The juvenile was released on a promise to appear in court on July 16.


Four tires were stolen from two Hondas at the Driving School of Fairfield sometime between Tuesday night and early Wednesday, police said.

The Hondas were left propped up by milk crates, according to the police report. One car was missing one tire; the other was missing three.

The value of the tires and rims is estimated at a total of $1,200, police said. This is under investigation.


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