Teens Litter Debris All Over Tomlinson School Field

Police issued infractions to 11 teens for simple trespass and littering.

Police were called to just after midnight on Tuesday and discovered 11 teens on the soccer field -- all fled upon the officers' arrival.

The debris left behind by the teens -- beer cans, vodka bottles, cigarette butts, wrappers, beach chairs, cell phones, and plastic cups -- suggested the teens had been hanging out and drinking on the field.

Officers located the teens (including four juveniles) and issues them infractions for simple trespass and littering. Several of the teens returned to clean up the mess, police said.

Jim Eastwood July 05, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Good Morning Fair??Field How about 100 hours of Community Service Cleaning up the Town???? Not for the kids that returned to pick up their mess bt for those who did not !! Good lesson for them !!! Have a Great Day !!
Cindy O'Neill Vitale July 05, 2012 at 02:16 PM
While the teens were the ones caught this time - just take a walk through the field after any sporting event. Between the players, parents and coaches the field is littered with all kinds of plastic bottles, wrappers and clothing; even with garbage cans located nearby. There is never a ticked issued then. Perhaps all town sports using town fields should have to put up a $1000.00 deposit to cover the cost of clean up. It is an embarrassment that people (parents, coaches and players) feel it is ok to leave the fields in utter disgrace. Not to worry though...someone else will clean it up. Right?
jk July 06, 2012 at 05:37 AM
Children learn what they live.
John Doe March 06, 2013 at 02:20 AM
IGNORANT!!! Let the kids play
Fairfield Old Timer March 06, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Great Idea Jim! They can start by cleaning up the graffiti at the Fairfield Train Station and scraping off all of the stickers on thewalls of the stairwells there as well.


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