Fairfield for Good Government Tax Alert

The leadership behind the group Fairfield for Good Government invites the public to attend its Jan. 10 meeting. Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Title will be speaking.

[Editor's note: The following letter to the editor was sent in by the group 'Fairfield for Good Government.']

Various sources in town government are reporting an increase in the Town of Fairfield’s 2013-14 Budget of between 6 and 8 percent. The budget season is about to begin and proceed through approvals by the Board of Education, Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance with final approval by the RTM in mid may.

Fairfield For Good Government (FGG) is working to Keep Fairfield Affordable by reducing spending in many budget areas that many of our supporters (seniors, empty nesters, parents, teachers, singles, etc.) have brought to our attention. I hope you have seen the many Letters to the Editor written by Joan Fortuna, Captain of the FGG Fair Share Tax Issue, and Bud Morten, who wrote about the subsidy 70 percent of us are paying. Bud's data is provocative and has hit the newspapers at the perfect time.

Dr. Title, Superintendent of the Fairfield Public Schools will speak to our supporters at the next meeting of FGG on Thursday, Jan. 10th at the Scandinavian Club -- 1351 South Pine Creek Road -- at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to the public and if  you are interested in attending please register by emailing FGGfairfield@gmail.com.

FGG is grateful that a growing number of people in Fairfield recognize that we have a serious problem with affordability and want to be better informed on the issues. FairTV is the best place to stay informed as every town meeting is now being videotaped and can be accessed on demand. FGG encourages those who would like to become even more involved to speak at public meetings, write "letters to the editor." The more people who are willing to get involved at any level in this effort, the more likely it is that it will be possible to make a positive difference at Keeping Fairfield Affordable.  

Fairfield for Good Government - Leadership


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