Hurricane Sandy: 6,724 Monroe Customers Without Power

Eighty-five percent of the town is without power.

Over 464,228 Connecticut Light & Power customers are currently without power in the state, a number that may very well rise as Hurricane Sandy continues to hammer the region overnight.

Roughly every town in the state is seeing outages in some capacity, with the bulk of the power issues being seen in several coastal communities ranging from Branford to Stonington. Pockets of the state in the Quiet Corner and the Litchfield Hills are also in the dark.

In Monroe, 6,724 customers or 84% are without electricity.

In total, about 37 percent of the state is without electricity, due to high winds and heavy rainfall from Sandy.

CL&P Spokesman Mitch Gross said that, despite the high winds, there are crews out working on emergency restoration efforts right now.

“We’re at work handling as many issues as we can, while it’s still safe,” Gross said.

Federal regulations require that utility workers not be in the air working on power lines when wind speeds hit 40 mph. But Gross said that, since winds haven’t hit that threshold as of yet, there still are trucks in the CL&P system out on the road.

Some workers have been pulled off the lines in certain areas of the state, such as parts of Litchfield County, due to higher winds, Gross said.

In a message sent out to CL&P customers, the company reinforced that, if the power does go out, it may not return for an extended period of time.

If you experience an outage, please call 800-286-2000 or go to www.cl-p.com (via PC or mobile device) to report it.

“It's important that you report an outage even if you think your neighbors may have already reported it,” the message read. “The more information we have, the better we are able to improve our assessment of damage and make repairs.”

Renee Delmolino October 31, 2012 at 07:24 PM
CL&P contracted crew from Tennessee was sitting at DD on 34 in Monroe waiting for approval from the Monroe Fire Dept to fix the line.... Guess they never got the ok. Is it CL&P or the town or both? Thought we fixed the communication problems or was that just post storm rhetoric? Come on high profile figures get your act together, people of all ages are counting on your competence...make us proud & thankful! You can do this!
Nicole Lupo October 31, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Sunrise Terrace is now blocked to the point where cars/mail truck/newspaper carriers are not able to get up. Called the Police Department and was told there is nothing they can do. Called CL&P and was told they will send a work order out to their linemen. I know that everyone needs their power back but I'm praying that they can at least clear the road as there is no other way off the street (or on ) in the event of needing a firetruck or ambulance up there.
Renee Delmolino October 31, 2012 at 07:42 PM
I hope they get to you quickly Nicole! Clearing the way for emergency access has to be a priority! Good luck!
Rt25 October 31, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Well, according to their website outage map, they have restored electricity to 220 folks today compared with more than 2,000 folks in Newtown. At this ratio it will t ake 36 days before all of us are back on line. Isn't this just splendid!
John November 01, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Our grid is like that of a third world country with an average age over 40 years! We should be rebuilding our country instead of others. The outages should have been prevented instead of repaired. All roads that are replaced should have their utilities buried and put in conduit. A surcharge of 5 to 10 of utilities could be used to pay for the infrastructure


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